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→‎First Aired/Released and Finished Airing/Release Dates: transclude airing guidance and secment Japanese reading of timestamps for tranclude elsewhere
==First Aired/Released and Finished Airing/Release Dates==
Check the official Japanese(!) page, [http{{main|Content:Anime#General Guidance}}{{#lsth:Content:// Japanese TV Guide] or other pages listed [[Where to find release-dates for Anime|here]].General Guidance}}
====Japanese TV Schedule Timestamps====
Be careful with shows that have 24:00 and later air hours - this means that show will air on the night after the specified date. For the purposes of AniDB, a show listed as airing between 00:00 and 23:59 is added with the listed date; any show airing on 24:00 or later is added with the "first aired" date of the ''next day''.


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