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The play length of this episode. If over 10 minutes, round '''UP''' to the nearest multiple of 5 minutes (The only acceptable case to round down would be if it's just a few seconds over the gap. You can file that under ''cornercase.''). If under 10 minutes, rounds '''UP''' to the nearest minute.
== Ordering of S Episodes -- GENERAL GUIDANCE ==
There are no ''hard rules'' regarding the ordering of S episodes. However, the following general rules of thumb should be applied:
# ''"Actual episodes"'' should come first before recaps. Example: {{a|6327|Bakamonogatari}} episodes 13 to 15 (S1 to S3)
* Internally within the above grouped like items, sort episodes by release date
Above all else, common sense should apply. These are general guidelines, and each anime should be looked at on a case-by-case basis.
== Optional Info ==


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