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Who is Chii[AR] and where can I find her?!

Chii[AR] is a bot, which can be used to maintain your mylist, cast votes, check crc's and various other things.
You can get a complete listing of all commands Chii[AR] supports using !help
Chii[AR] can be found in #Anidb and #Anidb-spam

Note: ALL Chii commands are lowercase!
Various commands for Chii[AR] require you being logged in!

How to login?!

You need a working account on AniDB. (See: How and why signup to AniDB?!)

Join the channel #anidb and open a query (pm, personal chat/message) to Chii[AR]. In the query window write:

  • auth <username> <password>
Where <username> and <password> are your AniDB username and pass.

Alternatively you can also use the /msg version. For that do a:

  • /msg Chii[AR] auth <username> <pass>
Note: DON'T FORGET THE "/" or you'll post your password in the channel!

Either of what way you choose, if the login worked Chii[AR] will send you a message saying login accepted. If you get the message login failed and you typed your username/password down correctly(!), you either don't have an anidb account or you haven't activated it yet. In either case please read the Signup FAQ.

Why does !anime work and !vote,... doesn't?

this works:

<Rah> !anime i my me 
<Chii[AR]> ANIME: I My Me! Strawberry Egg (93), also known as Ai Mai Mi ! Strawberry Egg,
13 eps, Year: 2001, Genre: Comedy Romance School, Rating: 7.54 (490 votes), Reviews: 7
(avg: 7.71), DB: 18 eps/166 files, More info: 

but this doesn't:

<Elandal> !vote i my me 9 
<Chii[AR]> VOTE: no such anime in db: i my me 

The reason behind this is that all commands other than the !anime command require a full match. That means the anime title you enter has to be the main title, a synonym or an added short title for that anime.
This is done because the result of an !anime command with a title which is not in the database can lead to pretty unpredictable results. The same request could even return different animes on each execution. This makes it unsuitable for all other Chii[AR]commands. (i.e. you don't want to vote for the wrong anime, now do you?)

Chii command listing


Lists all Chii[AR] commands available.


  • !help

Output example

<Chii[AR]> HELP: supported commands: !anime, !group, !file, !stitle, !latest, !a4g, !g4a, !uptime. with login only: !mylist, !vote, !votetmp, !voteep, !voteg, !watched, !addfile, !remove, !addep, !seteptitle, !addcrc, !addstitle, !randomanime, !stats, !mystats, !top, !mylatest, !state see:

General Info


This command can be used to query anime info from the AniDB database.


  • !anime <anime title>
  • !anime <aid>
Note: <anime title> can be any title besides the kanji titles as those aren't supported right now.

Output example

<Chii[AR]> ANIME: Shinseiki Evangelion (22), also known as Evangelion, 26 eps, Year: 1995-1996, Sequel: Shinseiki Evangelion Gekijouban: The End of Evangelion (202), Genre: Action Drama SciFi Mecha Dementia, Rating: 8.53 (2418 votes), Reviews: 14 (avg: 8.74), DB: 35 eps/744 files, More info:


This command can be used to query group info from the AniDB database.


  • !group <groupname>
  • !group <gid>

Output example

<Chii[AR]> GROUP: Soldats [Soldats] (8), irc:, rating: 7.97 (86 votes), db: 20 animes/430 files, url:,


This command can be used to query file info from the AniDB database. When you are logged in Chii[AR] will additionally to the basic info tell you, if you already have this file in your mylist.


  • !file <anime title> <ep#> <groupname>
  • !file <aid> <ep#> <groupname>
  • !file <fid>
  • !file <ed2k-link>
Note: You can't use the gid instead of the groupname here!

Output example

<Chii[AR]> FILE: Air - 1 - kaze -breeze-, by The Triad (gid: 102), 244.328.448 bytes (fid: 92915), ed2k://|file|Air_-_01_-_kaze_-breeze-_-_[Triad](11add24d).avi|244328448|6fb74bd3b0cb55e969ee44b4d2b0647d|,, FILE STATUS: NOT IN LIST


This command lists all known short titles for an anime. Output:

!stitle mm2 
<Chii[AR]> STITLE: Mahoromatic ~motto utsukushii mono~ (201), synonyms: Mahoromatic S2,
Mahoromatic TV 2, short titles: Mahoromatic 2, MM2 


This command displays the Animes subbed by a specified group.
Note that only the 1st 5 animes in db are displayed!
The number in () is the aid.

!a4g soldats 
<Chii[AR]> A4G: Soldats (Soldats): 21 anime(s) subbed - Keroro Gunsou(1552), Monster(1539),
D.C.~Da Capo~(837), Tantei Gakuen Q(642), You`re Under Arrest! No Mercy!!(536)


This commands lists the groups which subbed the specified anime.
Only the 1st 5 groups are listed. In () the group tag, the last ep released and the gid is listed.

!g4a chobits 
<Chii[AR]> G4A: Chobits (12): subbed by 37 groups - TRiLiUM & ([TRI&] epS1 1818),
Yiang ([#Y] ep9 1621), PTP Fansub ([PTP] ep11 1528), Animelon ([ALon] ep10 1420), Aeternam fansub
([Aeternam] epS2 1408) 


Chii can find a file from a given crc for you. Usage: @find <crc32>

 @find 11111111
<Chii[AR]> -= AniDB -=- Anime Database -=- -=- Access 20808 GB worth of anime
-=- found in db: Ranma 1/2: Kessen Tougenkyou! Hanayomewo Torimodose! (368), also known as Ranma 1/2
Movie 2, 1 eps/12 files in db, More info:

Mylist - General


Displays your mylist information for 1 specific anime.
Usage: !mylist <anime/aid>

!mylist sns
<Chii[AR]> MYLIST: Seikai no Senki (4) - 13 eps: in mylist: 1-13  watched: 1-13  groups:
(anime_fin) 1-13


Shows your statistics

<Chii[AR]> MYSTATS: ******* (uid: *****) - 963 animes, 11139 eps (10001 / 89% watched) and
11208 files in mylist (1977 GB, 32% of AniDB, 28% watched). 44 animes, 336 eps, 700 files,
20 groups, 952 votes and 0 reviews added to DB. Leech factor: 93%, Lameness: 0%.


Shows the latest files you added.

<Chii[AR]> MYLATEST: ******** (uid: ******) 2 files/0 GB (24h): [MoNG] Perfect Blue
(145930), [MoNG] Perfect Blue (145929), [a4e] Kidou Senshi Gundam: Dai 08 MS Shotai 2.mkv
(144647), [FLF] Big O 2.avi (133174), [a4e] Inuyasha - Kagami no Naka no Mugenjou 1.mkv (133139),
Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san S3.mkv (131742), [2xx] Kidou Senshi Zeta Gundam 45.ogm (81265), [2xx] Kidou
Senshi Zeta Gundam 44.ogm (81281), [2xx] Kidou Senshi Zeta Gundam 43.ogm (81294)


Can be used to get a random anime name.
You can specify:

  • !randomanime db (or without param)
-> random anime name from db
  • !randomanime watched
-> random watched ep from your mylist
  • !randomanime unwatched
-> random unwatched ep from your mylist
  • !randomanime all
-> randomw watched or unwatched ep from your mylist

Mylist - adding/removing files/changing states


Can be used to add a file, which is already in the db to your mylist.
NOTE: you CAN'T add new files with this cmd and there is no way to do that via IRC, you have to use the CGI for that.
You can add a file via 1 of those 3 methods:

  • !addfile <anime/aid> <epnumber> <group>
  • !addfile <fid> (use !file <anime> <epnumber> first to get the fid)
  • !addfile ed2k link
Note: Note that you can add a "w" at the end of the command to add the files as watched to your mylist.
Files added with that command will be added as unknown to your mylist. Use !state to change that.


The opposite command to !addfile used to remove files from your mylist

  • !remove <anime/aid> <epnumber> <group>
  • !remove <fid> (use !file <anime> <epnumber> first to get the fid)
  • !remove ed2k link
  • !remove last (Last is last file shown with !file.)


Allows you set a file to a different state.

  • !state <anime> <epnumber> <state>
  • !state <fid> <state>
  • !state <ed2k link> <state>
  • !state last <state>

<epnumber> may be all or upto <epno>, last is last file shown by !file
<state> is: unknown/hdd/cd/deleted/shared/release


Can be used to mark one or all file(s) in your mylist watched or unwatched.
You can either change the watched status of one single file with:
single episodes:

  • !watched <anime> <epnumber>
  • !watched <fid>
  • !watched <ed2k link>

several episodes:

  • !watched <anime> upto <epnumber>
  • !watched <anime> all

for single files it works also the opposite way. meaning you can set files unwatched when repeating the command!

!watched - passive

If you're logged in and change your nick Chii[AR]will check if your nick matches a known anime+ep combination and will mark the file watched should it be part of your mylist.

i.e. let's say you have ep 1 of NGE in your mylist marked as unwatched.
If you login @ Chii[AR]and change your name to


Chii[AR]will mark that file watched in your mylist and send you a notice.
If the file is not in your mylist you get a notice to. You could then use the !addfile cmd to add it to your mylist right away.
Another possible naming scheme is:


Mylist - Votes


Can be used to vote for an anime.
Usage: !vote <anime title> 1-10
Please check ourAnime voting guideline for further information on the voting levels.
You can add r after the rating to revote.

Note: At the moment Chii[AR]does not support .5 votes!


Can be used to tempvote for an anime.
Usage: !vote <anime title> 1-10
Please check ourAnime voting guideline for further information on the voting levels.
You can add r after the rating to revote.

Note: At the moment Chii[AR]does not support .5 votes!


Can be used to vote for an episode of an anime.
Usage: !votep <anime title/aid> <epnumber> 1-10
1 is very bad, 10 is very good.
You can add r after the rating to revote.


Can be used to vote for a group.
Usage: !vote <group title> 1-10
1 is very bad, 10 is very good.
You can add r after the rating to revote.

Adding info to AniDB


Can be used to add a crc to an existing file.
Usage: !addcrc <ed2k-link|last> [valid|invalid]
Last is last file shown with !file.
[in-/valid] is optional and the official crc needs to be checked!


Can be used to add new episodes to AniDB.
Usage: !addep <anime> <epnumber> <eptitle> <eplength in minutes>

!addep nge 1 some title of episode 1 23 

Note: spaces in the eptitle are no problem.


Can be used to add a short title to an existing anime.
Usage: !addstitle <aid> <short title>
{{eyecatch|Note:|you can't use the anime title here u have to use the aid.}


Can be used to update the title of an episode in AniDB.
Usage: <anime> <epnumber> <new title>

!seteptitle nge 1 new title for episode 1 

Note: spaces in the eptitle are no problem.



Lists the filenames of the last 10 files added to the AniDB.
The number in () is the fid.

<Chii[AR]> LATEST: 147 files/31 GB (24h): [Hitsuji] Kono Minikuku mo Utsukushii Sekai 4.mkv
(145767), [Hitsuji] Kono Minikuku mo Utsukushii Sekai 3.mkv (145766), [A-Classic] Rokushin Gattai 
GodMars 55.avi (145765), [X2&T3] Starship Operators 13.avi (145763), [Ani-Kraze] Tsubasa Chronicle 
3.avi (145762), [SM_LoC] AA! Megami-sama 8.avi (145761), [Ani-Kraze] Tsubasa Chronicle 4.avi
(145760), [WPP] Rockman.EXE Axess 21.avi (145759), [WPP] Sonic X 20.avi (145758) 


Shows DB statistics

<Chii[AR]> STATS: 2946 animes, 34604 eps, 140930 files (20796 GB), 2039 groups, 79614 users and
251 open change requests in DB (!creq for more). 


Shows the Top10 AniDB stat entries.
Note:| If you don't want to get shown in those stats you can disable it in your profile


  • !top

Output example

<Chii[AR]> TOP: Longest MyList: macross1 (22138), Largest MyList: macross1 (4232 GB), Most Lame Files: feles (100%), Most Indep. User: tupou (267%), Big. Leech0r: aceman87 (100%), Most Anime Added: analogued (564), Most Eps Added: permidion (4118), Most Files Added: hipersoke (3238), Most Groups Added: tupou (83), Most Votes: coochan (1995), Most Reviews: gambit (176)


This command displays the uptime of the DB and Chii[AR].


  • !uptime

Output example

<Chii[AR]> UPTIME: BOT: 4d 5h 26m | SERVER: 41d 1h 40m