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Why should I signup?

AniDB offers many unique features which are in this combination (to our knowledge) not available anywhere else.
Most of those features require you to be logged in and as a guest (not logged in) you won't even see most of them.

AniDB features only available to registered users:

  • Keep a complete list of all the anime you have collected with minimal effort.
  • Take advantage of tons of specific anime/episode info already added by other users, your anime list was never this comprehensive.
  • Never again wonder where that episode xyz is stored, which groups you were collecting or if you have watched it already.
  • Easily find anime you could watch next.
  • Share your anime list with other users. Using the detailed AniDB access controls you decide who can access your MyList and to what extent.
  • Compare your anime list with other users to see what anime they have and you don't.
  • Export your MyList into other user defined formats for off-line use (i.e. CSV, HTML, XML, ..., or build your own if you have specific needs).
  • Use AniDB Clients to browse your MyList off-line. (See: AOM)
  • Use AniDB Clients to automatically detect all anime episodes on your hard disk. This way you can add your entire anime collection to your AniDB MyList without any manual effort.
  • Receive automated notifications on newly added episodes for anime on your notify list.
  • on the website, as RSS, via instant messenger (Jabber) message, via AniDB Client, ...
  • Use the latest feature to fill those holes in your anime collection (missing episodes).
  • Get visual feedback on the state of episodes directly on the anime page (in MyList, watched, ...)
  • Get detailed personalized statistics about your anime collection and your AniDB membership.
  • Voting, Reviewing, Recommendations:
  • Become an active member of the AniDB Community and rate or review your favourite anime.
  • Take advantage of the personalized anime recommendations calculated from your personal tastes (votes, MyList, ...). (See: Anime Hint)
  • Contribute to AniDB:
  • Add new episodes, anime and groups to AniDB.
  • Edit, correct and extend existing AniDB entries.
  • Customization:
  • Choose a theme from the available CSS theme selection or use your own CSS theme.
  • Specify your language preferences to allow automated filtering of entries which you are not interested in.
  • IRC Based Features:
  • Access your anime list and personal statistics through the AniDB IRC Bot Chii[AR].
  • Mark episodes watched by simply changing you IRC nick.
  • Much more...

How to signup

Just click signup signup and you are in the signup screen.

The rest is quite self explanatory...

Important Do NOT USE Hotmail or Yahoo addresses!
Their spam filters are likely to prevent you from receiving your password email!
Remember to check your
spam folder if you do not receive the activation email!
Also if you are using one-off email accounts for registration be warned that password requests go to that e-mail account

If you don't want to use your real e-mail address or if your real address is with one of the services mentioned above, Mailinator provides hassle-free instant mail boxes.


The activation link does not work (Bug!)

If that link looks like this..

then you have to replace each & to & like this..

I did not receive the activation email

Login using your username and password and request a re-send of the activation email. You can also change the email address assigned to your account.

I tried the re-send function, but I still didn't get the activation email.

Try it again, this time with a different email address located at another ISP.

I forgot my password, what now?

You can request a temporary password which will allow you to access your AniDB account and change it's password yourself. In order to do this you need to try to login using your correct username and a wrong password. You will see a login failed error message which will also offer you to request a Password Reminder.

I forgot my password and the email address is no longer valid

We urge you to always keep your email address up to date. In this case we can't help you. Please create a new account.

Misc. Questions

Can I change my username? Can you change my username?

You can do that in your profile. Note that you can only change your user name once(!) every 180 days! generally it's preferred if you don't change your user name too often.

Can you delete my account?

Yes we can, but we don't do it. Simply stop using your account.

Can you move my MyList to another account?