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The group status informs you about the current state of a rel done by a certain group.
This information is displayed in the groupinfobox on every animeentry and in the groupentry for every listed group in AniDB.

Note: This feature doesn't have to be 100% correct as it's data is generated by AniDB automatically for most parts and is very dependent on the users. Meaning if not all files the group did by the users it can't work properly.

How it works

You need to understand how the AniDB system works to understand the ongoing/stalled/finished/complete states. AniDB only check for the "highest" added episode by a group to set states. A timestamp gets set for this episode and if a "higher" ep doesn't get released in a defined timeframe it's getting set stalled. Adding lower eps won't change this.

Lets make an example to show what this means:
Meitantei Conan Anime Conan is set "314 stalled 06.07.2003". why is that even though they are still releasing?
Like shown they released ep 314 on the 06.07.2003. AniDB is waiting for them to release ep 315. until this happens it will set stalled for eternity.

Possible States

  • complete
The group released for every episode for an anime in AniDB at least 1 file.
  • finished
The group released at least 1 file for the last episode of an anime.
  • ongoing
The group hasn't finished/completed this series yet. The release is still ongoing.
  • stalled
The group hasn't released a file for this series for at least <add interval. dunno atm ^^;>
  • dropped The group has officially abandoned this project or the group isn't existing anymore.
Note: Stalled, finished and complete are atomically generated states! They CAN'T be set by AniDB mods!
Ongoing and dropped are the only 2 states which can be set by Mods!


  • eternally stalled rels like the Meitantei Conan case even though it should be ongoing
Problem: group released an ep way ahead of the eps they really sub which causes AniDB to wait for a "higher" ep
  • eternally stalled rels like PoT even though it should complete
Problem: The last ep is a double episode. See: Tracker Shadow files

<add some more>