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* Details: [[UDP API DEV]]
* Details: [[UDP API DEV]]
* Additional: [http://www.anidb.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4466 UDP API Development Forum Thread]
* Additional: [http://www.anidb.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4466 UDP API Development Forum Thread]
* Timeframe: IMPLEMENTED
* Phase: Maintenance/Improvement
* Language: Java
* Main Contact: Ommina
===UDP API===
* Details: [[HTTP API]]
* Timeframe: IMPLEMENTED
* Timeframe: IMPLEMENTED
* Phase: Maintenance/Improvement
* Phase: Maintenance/Improvement

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This page lists areas of future development which are currently open for discussion. If you want to help improve AniDB, add your feedback!

Checklist for major updates

  • Site (exp, antennen, fahrenheit, pelican, rar, deridiot, ommina, worf)
    • CSS (deridiot)
    • JS (fahrenheit)
    • Reports (deridiot, worf)
    • MyList export (fahrenheit)
  • Bots (exp)
    • Chii[AR] (deridiot, pelican, worf)
    • Lafiel[AR] (deridiot, ommina)
  • API/Services
    • UDP API (ommina)
    • TCP API (exp)
    • Jabber Service (exp)
    • SigServer (antennen)
    • RSS/Atom (antennen)
  • Supported Clients



The web pages are under constant development. Here are some of the important stuff.



The current URI is a grown system which in it's current state is inconsistent and features unnecessary data. A shorter and feature-richer URI would be desirable. Furthermore a standarized parsing layer would reduce possible problems and remove redundant code.


The markup has stabilized over the past year and is relatively consistent now. No major changes are planned. Minor changes can be requested here. Partly documented.

Page generation

Still mostly print-generation, but many of the commonly used markup structures has functions at least. The major hold-up is the table-writer which is essential before any code validity guaranties can be given. No documentation.

Data control

Still very fluffy. No spec/documentation. No agreements reached. Current content in database is (highly) inconsistent. New system for input control is under development (testing phase?), though.

String externalization

Wanted, but no concrete plans yet.

Is this the internationalisation part? -- Ninjamask 05:34, 27 January 2008 (CET)
well to some extend it is. It's the second step of that. The first is to get the text out so it's easier to maintain, but yes in a second step we could allow multiple languages -- Der Idiot 16:33, 29 January 2008 (CET)

Error handling

No concrete plans yet.

Code documentation

None ATM.

Specific parts


Most importantly: fix type implementation. More...


Fix scrolling, more filters, fix direct link. More...

For more discussion on future MyList enhancements, see: MyList DEV

New Development

CSS Themes

Character DB

  • Details: CharDB DEV
  • Timeframe: IMPLEMENTED
  • Phase: Release
  • Language: Perl
  • Main Contact: DerIdiot, nwa, worf, fahrenheit


  • Details: OstDB DEV
  • Timeframe: basic version implemented, MyList and audio fingerprint support still outstanding
  • Phase: Release
  • Language: Perl + other languages for clients
  • Main Contact: Der Idiot, Ommina

Manga DB

  • Details: MangaDB DEV
  • Timeframe: open (very long term)
  • Phase: Requirements
  • Language: Perl
  • Main Contact: Der Idiot


Generic Person/Company Handling

Maintenance Tasks - Performance Improvements

Open for Improvement



  • Details: HTTP API
  • Timeframe: IMPLEMENTED
  • Phase: Maintenance/Improvement
  • Language: Java
  • Main Contact: Ommina

Jabber IM Server

  • Details: Jabber
  • Timeframe: IMPLEMENTED
  • Phase: Maintenance/Improvement
  • Language: Java
  • Main Contact: EXP

Signature Server

  • Documentation: SigServer
  • Development Details: SigServer DEV
  • Timeframe: IMPLEMENTED
  • Phase: Maintenance/Improvement
  • Language: PHP
  • Main Contact: antennen


IRC Bot - Chii[AR]

  • Details: IRC:Chii
  • Timeframe: IMPLEMENTED
  • Phase: Maintenance
  • Language: Perl
  • Main Contact: pelican, DerIdiot, worf