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* Details: [[CharDB DEV]]
* Timeframe: IMPLEMENTED
* Phase: Pre-releaseRelease
* Language: Perl
* Main Contact: DerIdiot, nwa, worf, fahrenheit
===OST DB===
* Details: [[OstDB DEV]]
* Timeframe: basic version implemented, MyList and foosic audio fingerprint support still outstanding* Phase: Pre-Release
* Language: Perl + other languages for clients
* Main Contact: Der Idiot, Ommina
* Timeframe: open (very long term)
* Phase: Requirements
* Language: ?Perl* Main Contact: ?Der Idiot
====Generic Person/Company Handling====
* Details: [[Generic PersonCompany DEV]]
* Timeframe: IMPLEMENTED
* Phase: Release
* Language: Perl
* Main Contact: Der Idiot
====Maintenance Tasks - Performance Improvements====

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