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Support for credits is still in quite an embryonic state in AniDB, however use the new system in preference to the old text field in anime entries, just make sure you understand the guidelines below.

Adding new Companies

To Anime

If the credit is in English, add the nearest equivalent from the list that only consists of English - add the varieties with Japanese in brackets only if that exact credit is given, in the video or from a reliable source. For generic 'Production' credits in English, use 'Financial Production', absolutely not 'Production (製作)'! Widespread copying of translated credits from certain user sumbitted sites (we're talking IMDB, ANN, en.wikip) is not a useful occupation, find something worthwhile to do instead.

To AniDB


Do you best to find some info on the company - just putting the name into a search engine is generally enough to find some information. Logos should be in palletted png form, 150x150 pixels, though in case of wide logos, feel free to use a wider image, 200x150 or 250x150. Other stuff to look out for from official sites is what the company actually *does*, foundation date (give in[.dd] form), and if they are related to any other companies. If you can't find any info on them and it seems unlikely that they'll be credited for anything else, add a note rather than creating a stubby entry.

Example of useful company entries: J.C.Staff, manglobe, Satelight


As a rule, don't add entries for individuals unless it will make a link between anime not already provided by the relations graph. If you're a big fan and willing to do the research to make a useful little entry, feel free, but don't add stubs that consist of only a name, stick a note up instead.

Example of useful person entries: Asamiya Kia, Shintani Kaoru, Wada Shinji

Removing bad entries

From an Anime

If you added a bad entry yourself you can remove it. If you didn't you don't have the neccessary rights to remove it. Please post the entry which should get removed here: DB Change Requests

From AniDB

If you added a bad entry yourself you can remove it as long as no one used this entry. In that case you don't have the neccessary rights to remove it. Please post the entry which should get removed here: DB Change Requests


  • Unknown Relation
Add if you're absolutely sure the company had something to do with the making of the anime, but the correct credit isn't available, or you don't know what.

English Only

Use when only english is given.

  • Animation Co-Production
  • Animation Production
  • Financial Production
  • Music Production
  • Original Story


Use when you have the exact japanese credit given, in the video or on an official website.

  • Animation (アニメーション)
  • Animation Assistance (アニメーション協力)
  • Animation Work (アニメーション制作)
  • Animation Work Assistance (アニメーション制作協力)
  • Assistance/Cooperation (協力) (warning though, often used as a generic credit for anyone or anything)
  • Music Assistance (音楽協力)
  • Music Production (音楽製作)
  • Music Work (音楽制作)
  • Music Work Assistance (音楽制作協力)
  • Original Work (原作)
  • Photography (撮影)
  • Production (製作)
  • Production Assistance (製作協力)
  • Production Studio (製作スタジオ)
  • Publication (著作)
  • Work (制作)
  • Work Assistance (制作協力)
  • Work Studio (制作スタジオ)

Credit types that should be added

None suggested at the moment.

Other Japanese not currently listed

For interest, various credits you might see at the end of anime.

  • Direction (監督) Kantoku
  • Assistant/Episode Direction (副監督) Fuku Kantoku
  • Overview/Direction (演出) Enshutsu
  • Animation Direction (作画監督) Sakuga Kantoku
  • Art Direction (美術監督) Bijutsu Kantoku
  • Sound Direction (音響監督) Onkyou Kantoku
  • Music Direction (音楽監督) Ongaku Kantoku
  • Photographic Direction (撮影監督) Satsuei Kantoku
  • Supervision (監修) Kanshuu

  • Script/Screenplay (脚本) Kyakuhon
  • Character Design (キャラクターデザイン)
  • Mechanical Design (メカニックデザイン)
  • Colour Specification (色指定) Iro Shitei
  • Storyboard (絵コンテ) E Conte lit. 'picture continuity'

  • Key Animation (原画) Genga, lit. 'original picture'
  • Animation (動画) Douga
  • Animation Check (動画チェック) Douga Check
  • Animation Inspection (動画検査) Douga Kensa

  • Music (音楽) Ongaku
  • Song Writing (作詞) Sakushi
  • Composition (作曲) Sakkyoku
  • Song/Sung by (歌 or 唄) Uta
  • Arrangement (編曲) Henkyoku

  • Original Plan (原案) Gen'an
  • Planning (企画) Kikaku
  • General Manager (ゼネラルマネージャー)
  • Executive Producer (エグゼクティブプロデゥーサー)
  • Producer (プロデューサー)
  • Director/Manager (ディレクター)
  • Sponsor (提供) Teikyou
Can be companies, products, other tv shows (in an advertising exchange deal), or anything else that provides some cash in exchange for a short advert.

Major Companies

Some big names. Not exhastive, see the producer list in anidb for everything.

Animation Studios

The companies that employ the people who draw.


Involved in the prodution of most anime made for television, and key players in the financing of anime in general.


Retailers and manufacturers, involved in production, finance and cashing in on the toys.

  • Bandai Visual (バンダイビジュアル)
  • KSS (ケイエスエス)
  • Tōhō (東宝)
  • Pony Canyon (ポニーキャニオン)
  • SME Visual Works


As owners of copyright on most manga, involved at least nominally in the production of a large proportion of anime, and often provide finance and planning as well.

Record labels

They make and license the music, and often provide some cash as well.

Other tricky ones

Companies with fun kanji names.

  • Asatsu (旭通信社)
  • Dentsu (電通)
  • Doumu (童夢)
  • Marubeni (丸紅)
  • Shinkuukan (真空間)
  • Shōchiku (松竹)
  • Yomiko Advertising (読売広告社)

Company relations

Prior to making exp code something into anidb, a collection of relations between companies.

Bandai Group


  • Bandai (バンダイ) (founded 1950)
  • Bandai Visual (バンダイビジュアル) (Visual branch, founded 1983)
  • Sunrise (サンライズ) (Visual branch, founded 1976, acquired... a few years later)
  • Ashi Productions (葦プロダクション) (Visual branch, founded 1975)
  • Happinet (ハピネット) (Sales branch, founded 1969)
  • Happinet Pictures (ハピネット・ピクチャーズ)
  • Bandai Entertainment (World branch, in CA, US, founded 1995)

Animate Group

Formed by merger of several companies, source

  • Animate (アニメイト)
  • MOVIC (ムービック)
  • MOVIC Promote Service (ムービックプロモートサービス)
  • Animate Film (アニメイトフィルム)
  • Coade (コアデ)
  • Frontier Works (フロンティアワークス)

Tōei Group

source, also on ja.wikip Tōei and Tōei Animation

  • Tōei (東映) (Film branch, parent company)
  • Tōei Video (東映ビデオ) (Video and sales branch)
  • Tōei Animation (東映アニメーション) (Animation branch, formerly Tōei Dōga)
  • Tōei Advertising (東映エージェンシー) (Advertising and retail branch)

Other subsidiaries

  • Production I.G (owns) XEBEC
  • KingRecords (キングレコード) (owns) Starchild (すたちゃまにあ)
  • Asatsu (旭通信社) (merged with) Dai-ichi Kikaku (第一企画) (to form) ADK


TMS Entertainment

TMS (Homepage) seem to permanantly using different names for themselves, and though there should be a clear division between the production and the animation division, this is not entirely clear in the credits. Below are all the TMS credits a few busy mods could dig up.

製作 Cat's Eye
製作 Lupin Sansei: Bye Bye Liberty - Kiki Ippatsu!
製作 Maps
製作 Versailles no Bara
  • キョクイチ東京ムービー Kyokuichi Tōkyō Movie (post merger)
製作 Karakuri Zoushi Ayatsuri Sakon
アニメーション制作 Meitantei Conan: Jyuuyonbanme no Target
アニメーション制作 Meitantei Conan: Tokei Jikake no Matenrou
  • キョクイチ Kyokuichi (duh)
製作 Meitantei Conan: Jyuuyonbanme no Target
製作 Meitantei Conan: Seikimatsu no Majutsushi
製作 Meitantei Conan: Tokei Jikake no Matenrou
  • トムス・エンタテインメント TMS Entertaiment
製作 Azusa, Otetsudaishimasu!
製作 Buzzer Beater
製作 Glass No Kamen (2005)
製作 Kousetsu Hyaku Monogatari
製作 Lupin Sansei: Nusumareta Lupin
製作 Lupin Sansei: Otakara Henkyaku Dai-sakusen!!
製作 Meitantei Conan: Ginyoku no Magician
製作 Meitantei Conan: Hitomi no Naka no Ansatsusha
製作 Meitantei Conan: Meikyuu no Crossroad
製作 Meitantei Conan: Tengoku e no Count Down
製作 Project Arms
製作 Project Arms 2
製作 Takahashi Rumiko Gekijou Ningyo no Mori
製作 Tenshi na Konamaiki
アニメーション制作 Lupin Sansei: Nusumareta Lupin
  • 東京ムービー Tōkyō Movie
制作 Ace wo Nerae!
制作 Lupin Sansei: Secret File
制作 Meitantei Conan
アニメーション制作 Glass No Kamen (2005)
アニメーション制作 Kousetsu Hyaku Monogatari
アニメーション制作 Meitantei Conan: Ginyoku no Magician
アニメーション制作 Meitantei Conan: Hitomi no Naka no Ansatsusha
アニメーション制作 Meitantei Conan: Seikimatsu no Majutsushi
アニメーション制作 Lupin Sansei: Otakara Henkyaku Dai-sakusen!!
アニメーション制作 Project Arms
  • Overpainted ass
Producer 'TMS entertainment, LTD' Devilman Lady
Producer 'TMS entertainment, LTD' Karakuri no Kimi

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