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Add/Edit Anime screen

AniDB is a user driven DB and every user can add new anime entries. So if you know an anime that is not yet in AniDB, we encourage you to add it. But before you do so, please check the AniDB Definition of Anime and make sure the new entry is really an anime according to our definition! Furthermore, please check if the anime isn't already added to the DB under a synonym!
We also ask you to include as much info as possible when adding a new anime, it's for all users' benefit.

Where can I add Anime?

You can find the add anime link at the bottom of the animelist or mylist. Once you click it you're on the "Add Anime" page. There's a lot of info you can input here.

Basic Info

...which should be include when adding an Anime

Anime Title

In most cases this is the Romaji title. Please also read our Romanisation Guideline for further assistance with this.
Official English title: Fullmetal Alchemist
Official Japanese romaji title: Hagane no Renkinjutsushi

Though there are exceptions like You're Under Arrest for which the official title is in English or some other language. In those cases the romaji title is to be added as a synonym. In case of the You're Under Arrest that would be Taiho Shichauzo.


Check the official Japanese(!) page or allcinema.
Sometimes OVA's are shown on Pay-TV before they are getting sold (PPV). Those are to be added as TV and not OVA(!) as the first airing counts!


Check the official Japanese(!) page, allcinema or Japanese TV Guide.


Check the official Japanese(!) page or other pages listed here: Where to find release-dates for Anime.


The image ID field allows you to add a picture for this anime. It will be displayed together with the anime information. You must first download picture to your local disk and then use the Pic Upload Function to transfer it to the AniDB server. The Pic Upload Function generates short image IDs, which look like xxx.jpg (xxx is a number). After uploading a picture copy this ID as-is into the PIC ID field.

  • The recommended size for pictures is 300x400.
  • Don't use animated pictures.
  • There is no size limit, but the picture should stay under 100kb, if possible.


  • This should be a short summary of the anime.
  • Preferable with as little spoilers as possible.
  • No personal comments, please!
  • No rumors!

When you copy the description from a site that has written/translated the description itself (AnimeNFO, ANN, Anime-Planet, etc.), then please credit the site you copied it from using the following scheme [source: <site>]. For example [source: ANN] (use the [i][/i] tags for italics).
The best way is to use the official R1 DVD descriptions in which case you don't need to give credits.
On the other hand, if you have translated the description from a R2 DVD or have written one yourself, you can credit yourself like this: - written by <your_nick>. This is mostly to prevent, for example, situations like this: one of our users writes a description, the description is copy/pasted to AnimeNFO, someone from AnimeNFO comes and complains about taking their description and not crediting them, a mod adds a [source: AnimeNFO] to the description, later the user who wrote the description notifies that he, in fact, wrote it, a mod removes the [source: AnimeNFO].
Note that in case of someone finding a better description, any kind of previous descriptions may be replaced.

Optional Info

First Aired/Released and Finished Airing/Release

Check the official Japanese(!) page, Japanese TV Guide or other pages listed here.
Be careful with shows that have 24:00 and later air hours - this means that show will air on the night after the specified date.
Japanese TV schedule says: 01.03.2005 25:30
this means it aired: 02.03.2005 01:30.


obsolete Please use the Company system.


Enter the URL of the official Japanese(!) page here. You may add the official English page, if you are unable to find the Japanese one. Please do not add any unofficial or fan pages.

ANN (Anime News Network) ID/URL

Visit ANN page for this anime and copy the link to the entry in this field.

AnimeNfo URL

Visit AnimeNfo page for this anime and copy the link to the entry in this field.

Removing bad entries

If you added a bad entry yourself you can remove it as long as no one added a file or episode to this entry. In that case you don't have the neccessary rights to remove it. Please post the entry which should get removed here: [DEL] Dupes & "not-anime"