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Expanded Overview of an Anime

Anime entries are the core pages as they contain most informations available at AniDB.
They can be divided into x sections:


Note The information on this page is based on having Javascript enabled on AniDB. Some things might be different if you have it disabled. We recommend enabling it in your profile.


Contains a picture of the anime, links to edit anime, add/edit titles, add/edit resources and various informations separated into various tabs:


  • Main Title - This field should feature the original title romanized (converted into Latin Characters). Normally that means the field will feature the official Japanese romaji title. In some rare cases the title will be the English one. This might be the case, when the romaji title is unknown or when the title was meant to be in English.
  • Official Title - This fields feature the official titles as released commercially. The titles displayed will be:
Japanese names in kanji for japanese anime
Korean or Chinese names in hangul/hanja or hanzi for Korean/Chinese anime.
English - only if the anime has been licensed under any english title.
Your language of choice as set in your profile for default anime language - only if the anime has been licensed under this language.
  • Type - The way the anime got released first as well as the number of episodes.
  • Year - Original release date/-year.
  • Categories - Complete list of all involved genre, places, time period and so on.
  • Resources - links to useful sites such as the official page, tv schedule or Wikipedia.
  • Rating - The average of all Votes for this anime.
  • Tmp. Rating - The average of all temporary Votes for this anime.
  • Stats - The total number of episodes (not just regular episodes) and files for this anime as well as groups that worked on subbing this anime.
  • User Stats - Total number of users that have this anime in their list, comments in the general comments thread and recommendations.

  • Episodes
    Total number of episodes.
  • Producers
    Lists the involved companies and other staff.
  • Relations
    Lists the various relations between this anime and some other. You will also find a button named [graph] which will display all relations in a graph, when you click on it. For adding relations see: How to add/remove: Relations
  • sequel
    Direct continuation of the story.
  • prequel
    Story that happens before the original.
  • same setting
    Same universe/world/reality/timeline, completely different characters.
  • alternative setting
    Same characters, different universe/world/reality/timeline.
  • alternative version
    Same setting, same characters, story is told differently.
  • character
    Shares one or more characters, story is unrelated.
  • side story
    Takes place sometime during the parent storyline.
  • parent story
  • summary
    Summarizes full story, may contain additional stuff.
  • full story
    Full version of the summarized story.
  • other
    unspecified relation
  • Rating
    The average of all Votes for this anime.
  • Tmp. Rating
    The average of all temporary Votes for this anime.
  • Reviews
  • Similar Anime
    A link to the Anime Recommendation database located at Anime Planet
  • Notification
    Enabling these notifications will cause AniDB to send you a pm every time a new file is added to that anime.
  • Wishlist
  • Description
    Short summary of the anime.