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The information on this page is incomplete and may not be of much use.
If you can, please help by adding to it.


  • By default and without asking provide a source for your change in case of:
  • Air/enddates
  • Total episode numbers
  • Official CRC
  • Official title
  • Be prepared that a mod could pm you about the changes you proposed! meaning if you get pmed and don't reply in 3-7 days, depending on the mood of the mod, it's a deny as it blocks possible creqs
  • DON'T creq v2/3/... files over v1 or other lower files! Add a new file instead!
  • Refer to Content:Anime for content guidelines.

Picture sizes

  • Recommended size: 300x400
  • Max size for banner: 500x200 (for group-pics only)
  • Max size: 100kb

Air- & end-dates, total episodes

  • Don't creq start and enddates without a valid source!
  • English pages will only get accepted as a valid source in special cases
  • ANN and AnimeNFO are NOT official or valid sources of information. Neither is AniDB. We all only use 3rd hand info! No need to make it 4th hand.
  • A Japanese page is wanted as source for sensible data like episodenumber and air/enddates: examples

24h+ fun

(or "Why Japanese are extremely funny people who use 24:00+ times")

Japan uses a different time system from most other countries, as they use 24:00, 25:00 and 26:00, instead of 00:00, 01:00 and 02:00. Let's make an example to show what this means.

Hachimitsu to Clover
TV Schedule

  • 2005-07-07(木) 26:00

In regular (not Japanese time) this means:

  • 08.07.2005 2:00

It's very clear that 08.07.2005 is the right date in this case. Especially official pages often list the "wrong" dates and don't include times, making it harder to spot such cases. It's recommended to check a TV schedule with times like (explained here) if possible.

Conclusion DON'T creq dates 1 day back if you don't know the airtime.
ALWAYS present your source for date changes!


Anime titles - official titles

This type is meant to ONLY be used for titles from official releases of the anime, not your own or fansubbers' translations. Use 'synonym' for unofficial versions and other variations.

Official titles can be historical - from past discontinued releases or television airings, as well as (non-bootlegged) VHS or DVD. If there are multiple official titles from different releases, add the newest/commonest only as 'official title' and others as synonyms.

Always provide a source for this when doing a creq.

Episode titles

If it's licensed go check the page of the licensor or the actual episodes from the R1 material.

official titles > fansubbed ones
This excludes name changes done in cases where they just become silly.


Romanisation the AniDB way

Links in URL fields

Official Japanese pages for anime only. Official includes any of the companies that were involved in the production of the given anime. Do not link to a BT tracker page as a group's website.