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[http://cp.commercialnetworkservices.net/aff.php?aff=654/aff.php?aff=654&p=https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9_PN_oN2Ud5b4pY1ihxO3Q organic is the hiygin way]   <br><br>[http://cp.commercialnetworkservices.net/aff.php?aff=654/aff.php?aff=654&p=https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9_PN_oN2Ud5b4pY1ihxO3Q organic is the hiygin way]
== About AniDB ==
'''[[AniDB:About|AniDB]]''' is non-profit database of anime information that is freely open to the public. As well as providing general anime information, if you [[AniDB:Sign up|sign up]] you can organise your anime collection, keep track of what you've seen and how much you liked it, and all kinds of nifty extras.  
To get your own [[MyList]] started, you can either add [[Content:Files|files]] you have on your harddrive, easiest by ''hashing'' them with an [[AniDB Clients|AniDB Client]], or use a [[Files:Generic files|generic]] for anything you've seen in a cinema or own on DVD. Read '''[[How to Add Files to Your MyList|full details]]''' for more.
Even without a MyList, you can [[Votes|vote]] for various things in AniDB: [[Votes:Anime|anime]], [[Votes:Episodes|episodes]], [[Votes:Groups|groups]] - and comment and vote on [[Votes:Animegroups|groups releases of anime]] and [[AniDB:Review Comments|reviews]] in the database. <!-- If you vote for the anime you've seen you can use the [[Anime Hint|anime hint]] feature to see what else you might like to watch. -->
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== Frequently Asked Questions ==
* [[FAQ:Anime|What is anime?]]
* [[FAQ:MyList|How do I add anime to my list?]]
* [[FAQ:Signup|Help! I'm having problems signing up, what's wrong?]]
* [[FAQ:Login problems|Help! I'm having problems logging in! What should I do?]]
* [[FAQ:Website Down|Help! The website/API/RSS/etc is down! Why?]]
* [[FAQ:Website problems|Help! The website is not behaving right! Is it broken?]]
* [[FAQ:Content|The database is missing this anime/file, why don't you add it?]]
* [[FAQ:Creqs|There's a mistake in AniDB, can you fix it?]]
* [[FAQ:Recommendations|What anime should I watch next?]]
* [[FAQ:Pictures|What anime is this picture from?]]
* [[FAQ:Downloads|How do I download anime from the database?]]
* [[FAQ:Chii|Who's Chii, and where do I find her?]]
* [[FAQ:Girls|Who's that girl?]]
''See the [[FAQ:Index|complete list]] for more.''
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== Index ==
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=== Using AniDB ===
* [[AniDB:Sign up|Sign up]]
* [[MyList|Keeping track of your anime]]
* [[Votes]]
* [[Search]]
* [[Animeentries|Anime entries]]
* [[MyPlace]]
* [[Anime Hint]]
* [[Notifications]]
* [[Donations]]
* [[SigServer|Signature Server]]
* [[Achievements|Achievements]]
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=== Adding Data ===
* [[Content:Anime|Anime]]
* [[Content:Episodes|Episodes]]
* [[Content:Titles|Anime and Episode Titles]]
* [[Content:Files|Files]]
* [[Content:Groups|Groups]]
** [[Which_raw_groups_to_credit|Which Raw Groups to Credit]]
* [[Tags]]
* [[Comments]]
* [[Content:Songs|Songs]]
* [[Content:Staff Credits|Staff Credits]]
* [[Content:Creators|Creators]]
* [[Content:Characters|Characters]]
* [[Tutorial:How to Add Files for Dummies!|How to Add Files for Dummies!]]
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=== Guidelines ===
* [[Content:Filecomments|Filecomments]]
* [[AniDB:Review Guideline|Review Guideline]]
* [[AniDB:Review Comments|Review Comments]]
* [[AniDB:Dates|Dates]]
* [[Capitalisation]]
* [[AniDB Definition:Romanisation|Romanisation]]
* [[Content:Edit|Changing Data]]
* [[AniDB:Creq Guideline|Creq Guideline]]
* [[How-to:_Add_New_Data|General "How-to"]]
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=== IRC ===
* [[IRC:anidb|#anidb]]
* [[IRC:anidb-log|#anidb-log]] and other [[IRC:Channels|channels]]
* [[IRC:Chii|Chii[AR]]] and other [[IRC:Bots|channel bots]]
* UTF-8 for [[How to get UTF-8 to work with mIRC|mIRC]]/[[Utf8/irssi|irssi]]
=== How to use the AniDB ... ===
* [[How to use the AniDB wiki?|Wiki?]]
* [[How to use the AniDB IRC?|IRC?]]
* [[How to use the AniDB forum?|Forum?]]
* [[Bugtracker|Bugtracker?]]
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=== Clients ===
* [[AniDB Clients]]
* [[AniDB O'Matic]]
* [[WebAOM]]
* [[UDP Clients]]
* [[Avdump2]]
* [[API|API - How to interface with AniDB]]
* [[UDP API Definition]]
* [[HTTP API Definition]]
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=== Technical ===
* [[Profile#CSS Tab|CSS Themes]]
** [[AniDB:Banner|AniDB Banners]]
* [[MyList export template guidelines|AniDB MyList Export Templates]]
* [[Browser-Internal AniDB Search]]
* [[AniDB RTE|Rich Text Editor]]
* [[How to take a screenshot]]
* [[ZIDRAV]]
* [[QuickPar]]
* [[Ed2k-hash]]
* [[Routine Maintenance]]
* [[Shadow Files]]
* [[Scripts]]
* [[Development]]
''[[Special:Allpages|Complete list of pages on the wiki]]''
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For further help with a problem or just for chatting visit us on [[IRC:anidb|IRC]]:

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