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Here you can find any information on the projects that I have initiated.

Note This is only a 'taste' of what's to come. Please be patient.


UDP API Wrapper class

  • Language : C++
  • Platform : Windows (currently using winsock for connection however easily modifiable)
  • Current version : 0.1 Alpha (non-public)
  • Contributors : oo22

The purpose of this wrapper class is to let people with less C/C++ experience attempt to make their clients without having to worry about setting up connections to the UDP server. The Wrapper class uses the winsock2 connection protocol. However, this can be exchanged with relative ease as needed.


Simply instantiate the class and call the functions named apicmd_* where * is replaced by the name of the UDP command. For example:

       if(anidb.apicmd_auth( user, pass))
           anidb.apicmd_push(true, true);