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Hi, i'm working on PHP script, which provides matching anime aid from AniDB for given title string.

User:Eloyard/anititles_dump - Here's my attempt at documenting original specs of API#Anime_Titles

[1] - here's topic on AniDB forum about this service

[2] - Here's current push of my code, live.

[3] - Current release of source. There's no dev-doc, because i'm lazy bum ;-) 95% of things needed to set up working copy are in /config/ folder. *.sql files are table structures, in AniOtrCfg.config.php set up DB login data and some other options, especially where 'rand()' placeholders are. Code has some comments, especially near config options, so you should do fine.

After setting up config and dbs run following queries on your site:
and when it's done

And you're ready to roll.