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Why am I playing with the wiki? I am supposed to be working on the Anime Hint... I still have a ton of anime to watch too!!!

Pokemon Todo List:

  • Finish Creqing the original Pokemon
  • Creq Pokemon Advanced
  • Recreq Pokemon 1-100 (with Romaji)
  • Double check the Pokemon Housoukyoku/Pokemon Chronicles for updated information

Gotta Creq 'em All


  • Enter the OVAs (Pikachu Winter Vacations) (Find Dates...)
  • Finish Eps for Pokemon Housoukyoku
  • Update Pokemon Housoukyoku and include English character names
  • Creq Pokemon Specials and request deletion of the individual entries for the specials.
  • Look for information confirming air dates of Pokemon Housoukyoku as well as episode lengths
  • Merge Wikipedia Romaji information with existing episode information
  • Merge Date, Kanji, Romaji, and English information for Pokemon Advanced Generation
  • Check the movies and their specials