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This template generates a link to an AniDB channel.

Alternative names

  • {{irclink}} - The lower-case template alias.
  • {{IrcLink}} - The "proper" template name.


The template can have 1 or 2 parameters:

  1. {{IrcLink|<channel>}} - Name of channel you want to link to.
  2. {{IrcLink|<channel>|<name>}} - Define the link name.
 <channel>  =  IRC channel name, i.e. irc://irc.synirc.net/<channel>.

    <name>  =  Name of the IRC link.




{{IrcLink|anidb|#anidb}} on SynIRC

#anidb on SynIRC

Note If you only define one template parameter the IRC URL will be shown. If you define the <name> parameter that will be shown instead.