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This template generates a link to animedb.pl. The last item is used for the displayed name.

Alternative names

  • {{link}} - The short template alias.
  • {{AniDBLink}} - The full template name.


The template can have 1 to 8 parameters:

  1. {{AniDBLink|<show>}} - Internal argument (show=) linking to AniDB page.
  2. {{AniDBLink|<show>|<name>}} - Name the link.
  3. {{AniDBLink|<show>|<tag2>|<arg2>}} - Define a 2nd URL tag with argument.
  4. {{AniDBLink|<show>|<tag2>|<arg2>|<name>}} - Name the link.
  5. {{AniDBLink|<show>|<tag2>|<arg2>|<tag3>|<arg3>}} - Define a 3rd URL tag with argument.
  6. {{AniDBLink|<show>|<tag2>|<arg2>|<tag3>|<arg3>|<name>}} - Name the link.
  7. {{AniDBLink|<show>|<t2>|<a2>|<t3>|<a3>|<t4>|<a4>}} - Define a 4th URL tag with argument.
  8. {{AniDBLink|<show>|<t2>|<a2>|<t3>|<a3>|<t4>|<a4>|<name>}} - Name the link.
  <show>  =  Argument for show= tag, defines the AniDB page call.
  <name>  =  Defines the name of the link.

  <tag2>  =  Define a 2nd tag / argument pair in the URL, i.e. &<tag2>=<arg2>.

  <tag3>  =  Define a 3rd tag / argument pair in the URL, i.e. &<tag3>=<arg3>.

    <t4>  =  Define a 4th (and final) tag / argument pair in the URL, i.e. &<t4>=<a4>.




{{AniDBLink|main|Main page}}

Main page



{{AniDBLink|anime|do.random|1|Random anime}}

Random anime

{{AniDBLink|animelist|orderby.name|0.1|noalias|1|anime without synonyms}}

anime without synonyms

Note When adding |parameter|value pair(s), e.g. adm|user in {{AniDBLink|admin|adm|user}}, the link will be named after the last value!
Define your own link name by appending another parameter, see |Random anime or |anime without synonyms in above examples.