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This template generates a button and a link to animedb.pl. The last parameter is used as display name.

Alternative names

  • {{button}} - The short template name.
  • {{AniDBButton}} - The full template name.


The template can have 1 or 2 parameters:

  1. {{AniDBButton|<button>}} - Name of the button.
  2. {{AniDBButton|<button>|<name>}} - Naming the link.
  <button>  =  The button names the button image and the created URL link.
               signup  : The signup button / page on AniDB.
               profile : The profile button / page on AniDB.

    <name>  =  Define the link name.



signup signup

{{AniDBButton|profile|Your Profile page on AniDB!}}

profile Your Profile page on AniDB!