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Would it be possible to get "Main Title" as a tag? (ex: %tma)

In my example, with "Armitage III", I don't get a "%eng' title. Looking at it's entry, I see an English title isn't listed. But it IS listed as FRE, POL, and SWE. I'm guessing it's because it has no "English" title (Stupid because it IS in English!)

I'm also testing %arr. I would expect the 'Main Title' to be Romaji but this doesn't seem to be the case ans WebAOM doesn't use that either.

Looking over some anime entries, I found the perfect example for the need of this tag:

--Takkun 19:31, 6 August 2010 (UTC)

Takkun again, a few days later... I'm frequently running into the problem of "SERVER BUSY: Try again later" but the log says "TIME OUT. Try #1" and all the buttons (except 'help'~less) become disabled. So I'm forced to close WebAOM and open it again, only to hash 400+ files all over again? How useless!

Even through it told me to "Try again later", I'll leave the app running to see if IT makes the attempt instead of me.

  • The documentation desperately needs work.
  • UPDATE: The buttons did activate later but I needed to press "start" manually to continue the scan. It would have been better to display an info-message regarding the nature of the problem to the user when a button was pressed (instead of just blatantly disabling them), and later continue the scan automatically. :P

--Takkun 16:10, 11 August 2010 (UTC)