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Everything under '''fetishes ''' (except for ''Bishounen '' and ''Cat Girls'') '''are strictly only meant for [[Categories:Hentai|hentai ]] (18 Restricted) and [[Categories:Ecchi|ecchi ]] anime'''. In case of ecchi, it must be the main element of the show and not when there's only some of it, for example, there's some ecchi in {{a|22|Shinseiki Evangelion}}, but just because you get to see Asuka's pantsu doesn't warrant it to get the schoolgirl fetish category added. So be careful to which ecchi show you add fetishes, it's fairly straightforward with hentai, though. Overall, this category tree is to satisfy the needs of people with different fetishes, so they can search for what tingles their tangle; hence why this is restricted to hentai and full ecchi shows.
=Subcategories===Bishounen==This category isn't restricted to ecchi and hentai shows. In most cases, '''bishounen ''' goes together with shounen-ai and is mainly targeted at girls. Bishounen anime's cast consist primarily of good looking males with different personalities, think of it as the opposite to a harem anime, just with guys instead of girls and scratch down the ecchi elements. Bishounen anime usually have more serious themes and can have quite a lot of action in them. It should be pretty clear as to what certifies as a bishounen anime, so don't go adding it to every anime that has a handsome youth or two in them.
''Examples: {{a|4326|Gakuen Heaven}}, {{a|2580|Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de: Hachiyoushou}}, {{a|750|Yami no Matsuei}}''
==Female Teachers==Almost completely exclusive to hentai animations. Any kind of '''female teacher ''' will do, even if she only does home visits. Female teachers imply mature women (even if they sometimes look like schoolgirls) dressed in what women would typically wear when doing official business (like a blouse, pinstripe dress with side front slit), but of course, not limited to that.
''Examples: {{a|1211|Daraku: Onna Kyoushi Hakai}}, {{a|1983|Onna Kyoushi}}, {{a|2693|Panchira Teacher}}''
==Futanari==Exclusive to hentai only. '''Futanari ''' (a compound word meaning "two form" in Japanese) depicts hermaphrodites, intersex or other individuals with female body-types and sexual organs resembling penises, whether or not those organs are in fact enlarged clitorises, or they possess both male and female reproductive organs. Technically, the term also encompasses male characters with both sets of sexual organs, but these are usually excluded. To those who're not that good with technical terms, futanari = chicks with dicks.
''Examples: {{a|1688|In no Houteishiki}}, {{a|687|Angel Blade}}, {{a|972|Parade Parade}}''
==Housewives==Almost completely exclusive to hentai animations. A '''housewife ''' is a mature woman (should be out of high school age) who doesn't necessarily have to be married in our context, but typically is. A housewife doesn't work (depending on context, she would be an {{Cat|Office Lady}} instead), however, since we're not as much down to technical details as we are of visuals, that restriction can be discarded if the character in question is shown mostly in home environment wearing leisure time clothing or a [ kimono] and an apron can also be safely added to the bunch.
''Examples: {{a|1256|Enbo}}, {{a|242|Futari Ecchi}}, {{a|1694|Ryokan Shirasagi}}''
'''Juujin ''' means [ anthropomorphized] animal characters. As a fetish, in western terms it could be referred to as furry, however, usually it won't go further from animal ears and a tail, the rest is kept human. However, this category is a clone of {{Cat|Anthropomorphism}} and will most probably be removed.
===Cat Girls===This category isn't restricted to ecchi and hentai shows. A '''cat girl ''' is a female with cat ears, a cat tail, or other feline characteristics on an otherwise human-shaped body. Cat girls may also wear over-sized mittens and shoes that look like paws. Sometimes characters do not actually feature cat-like ears or such an accessory but their hair sticks out and resembles cat ears; such characters do not fit the definition of cat girls. A female wearing cat ears or tail accessories also satisfies the condition of being a cat girl.
''Examples: {{a|2478|Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase}}, {{a|307|Little Monica Monogatari}}, {{a|417|Hyper Police}}''
In Japan, the term describes an attraction to young girls, or an individual attracted to such a person. Outside Japan, the term is less common and most often refers to a genre of manga and anime wherein childlike female characters are depicted in an erotic manner. We use the latter term, while not restricting it for porn only, but '''be very careful to where you add this category!''' For ecchi shows, it needs to be clear that any loli characters depicted are there to satisfy the lolicon fetish.
For hentai shows, it needs to be clear that the supposedly loli characters actually are young enough to be considered loli (hard to stamp down the age limit, but younger than 14 can definitely be considered loli), however, since that's impossible to determine, it comes down to personal judgment, which in turn can lead to debates. For vigilant lolicon enthusiasts anything taller than their waistline is too old to be considered a loli, for those less corrupted, an 18 year old high school student can look loli enough, although that can be blamed on the tendency of animators to display the characters younger than they ought to be. That's also the reason why for example {{a|307|Little Monica Monogatari}} has a weight of *+ for Fetishes::Lolicon, for some, it could have a weight of ***, for others, it could be + or none at all. Take also note, that breast size has no connection whether a character is loli or not; as proven in {{a|887|Eiken}} even elementary schoolers can have huge tumors in tits they should not yet have.
''Examples: {{a|5185|Moetan}}, {{a|5029|Kodomo no Jikan (2007)}}, {{a|2722|Bishoujo Comic Lolikon Angel: Mitsu no Aji}}, {{a|1831|Shoyonoido Mako-chan}}, {{a|4848|Mahou no Rouge Lipstick}}''
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