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Juujin means [[{{missingCat|anthropomorphism}}anthropomorphized]] animal characters. As a fetish, in western terms it could be referred to as furry, however, usually it won't go further from animal ears and a tail, the rest is kept human. However, this category is a clone of {{Cat|anthropomorphism}} and will most probably be removed. 
==Cat Girls==
This category isn't restricted to ecchi and hentai shows. A cat girl is a female with cat ears, a cat tail, or other feline characteristics on an otherwise human-shaped body. Cat girls may also wear over-sized mittens and shoes that look like paws. Sometimes characters do not actually feature cat-like ears or such an accessory but their hair sticks out and resembles cat ears; such characters do not fit the definition of cat girls. A female wearing cat ears or tail accessories also satisfies the condition of being a cat girl. Examples: {{a|2478|Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase}}, {{a|307|Little Monica Monogatari}}, {{missinga|417|Hyper Police}}benu

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