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'''CRC-Verified verified files ''' are files that have been tested on file corruption. If you download a file, then you should always make a CRC-Check check on it (provided, that a CRC-Code hash was shipped with the file), to prove that your file is a perfect match for the original file you have downloaded. If the CRC check of a file fails, that means that the file may have been changed or your file has been changed/that there were some corrupted by the transfer errors. As a result, the corrupt file (e.g. videos, zip, etc. ) might not be able to open/play or be of any use at all. If you have a corrupt file, you should either redownload it completely or request a Patch patch for it, via a tool such as [http://sourceforge. (net/projects/zidrav/ ZIDRAV].<!--Text about Patching missing)-->
There are download programs P2P clients (emuleeMule/edonkeyeDonkey2000/bittorrentBitTorrent) that already have a an inbuilt file verification built in. Bittorent for For example , BitTorrent immediately checks each downloaded chunk for CRC-Correctness against the SHA1 hash in the metadata file - if it fails the Hash-Checkhash check, then that chunk is redownloaded automatically. RPHX


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