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===Episode Name (Other languages)===
*Normal Episode
*Special/Extra Episode <i>''(DVD Specials, Bonus eps)</i>''
*Opening/Ending/Theme/Credits Episode
*Trailer/Promo/Adv Episode
*Parody/Fandub Episode
*Other Episode <i>''(Supportfiles (AC3 modpacks, fontpacks, subtitles for more than 1 ep), official PVs from the DVDs and other things.)</i>''
{{eyecatch|Note:|"Other" is NOT meant for OST's, Manga, AMV's or any other not official Special!<br> PV's are NOT allowed if they weren't on the DVD (R1, R2) as a special!}}
===Episode Name (English)===
Check the official page if it's licensed, if it's not use a translation of the romaji/kanji title.<br/>If you have neither use: "Episode XX" where XX is the number of the episode.<br/>
===Play Length===
*<i>For OVA (complete ep#=1)</i><br>If there is no real ep title (aka when the ep title = anime title) just leave the field blank
*<i>For Movies</i><br>Just leave the field blank.
===Episode Name (Other languages)===
Please check:
* The dub itself (if any)
* The DVD cover (if any)
* The official website (if any)
===First Aired/Released and Finished Airing/Release===
Check the official Japanese(!) page, [ Japanese TV Guide] or other pages listed [[Where to find release-dates for Anime|here]].<br/>Be careful with shows that have 24:00 and later air hours - this means that show will air on the night after the specified date. For the purposes of AniDB, a show listed as airing between 00:00 and 23:59 is added with the listed date; any show airing on 24:00 or later is added with the "first aired" date of the ''next day''.<br/><small><i>Example:<br/>Japanese TV schedule says: 01.03.2005 25:30<br/>this means it aired: 02.03.2005 01:30.<br/>
Such an episode would be added as "first aired on '''02'''.03.2005".</i></small>


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