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#Download [ Avdump].
#Decompress avdump in some folder wherever you want.
#Open a command window (cmd.exe).
#Change directory to where avdump is located.
#Execute <tt>avdump.exe -ac:{your username}:{your api password} {full path to a file or a folder}</tt>
===Cli/Send to===1. #Download [http://folkstatic.ntnuanidb.noinfo/jovetleaclient/avdump.rar Avdump]<br />.2. #Decompress avdump in some folder whereever wherever you want<br />.3. #Set an Api Password in your [[profile]]<br />.#:<i>The password can differ from your anidb pass. You can basically set whatever you want here</i>.4. #Right-click avdump.exe, select "''Create Shortcut"<br />'5. #Right-click the shortcut, add " <tt>-ac:<{your username>}:<{your apipassword}</tt>" to the "''Shortcut - Target" '' line<br />:<i>(without the <> of course)</i><br />#:Example: <tt>"C:\program files\Codecs\avdump\avdump.exe" -ac:deridiot:ilovecookies</tt><br />6. #Move shortcut to C:\Documents and Settings\[{Username]}\SendTo<br />#:<i>([''{Username] } is your WinXP LogIn-Name)</i><br />Windows username''7. #Right-click any media-file/folder, goto "go to ''Send To"'', choose ''avdump '' (or whatever you called the shortcut)<br /> for further info read: [[Avdump#Autocreqing|here]]


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