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If you want to vote for an episode you have two options in order to go about it:
:# Use the webpage.<br>You need to navigate to the specific [[episodeentries|episode]] you want to vote for, and there you can '''select your vote''', or '''revoke''' an already cast vote.<br>''If you want to '''change''' your vote, you need to '''revoke''' your earlier vote first!''<br>You can navigate to an episode either from your [[mylist]] or from the [[Animeentries|animeentry]].<br><br>
:# Use [[Chii|Chii<nowiki>[AR]</nowiki>]].<br>If you are on the [ ChatSociety org IRC Network] in [[Anidb|#anidb]] or [[Anidb-spam|#anidb-spam]], you can [[Chii#How_to_login.3F|log on to Chii<nowiki>[AR]</nowiki>]] and use the [[Chii#.21voteep|!voteep]] function.
If you want to see what you have voted for an episode, there are 3 places you can check. Unfortunately, the episode-votes are not listed in your [[MyVotes]] list, though they are counted towards your "total votes" statistic. The 3 places you can check are:


Navigation menu

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