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The best anime of 2002, as decided on by about a hundred fans from the [[AnimeReactor Community]] in a series of public polls. The specifc specific awards and a shortlist short list of titles for each one is drawn up by a jury (nominated in an earlier vote), and then every member of the board has an opportunity to vote for their favourites. More information on the process can be found [ in this post], and the results in full are given [ 19164 here], with elite jury picks for some of the awards.
The 2002 awards were voted on during the fall of 2006.
;Best Anime Overall
:{{a|106|Azumanga Daiou}}
;Best Story
:{{a|271|Haibane Renmei}}
;Best Character Development
:{{a|271|Haibane Renmei}}
;Best Animation / Visual Effects
:{{a|104|Hoshi no Koe}}
;Best Soundtrack
;Best Opening / Ending
:{{a|96|Witch Hunter Robin}}
;Best Action / Martial Arts Anime
:{{a|17|Full Metal Panic!}}
;Best Adventure / Fantasy Anime
:{{a|271|Haibane Renmei}}
;Best Drama Anime
:{{a|271|Haibane Renmei}}
;Best Romance / Love Story Anime
:{{a|113|Saishuuheiki Kanojo}}
;Best Comedy Anime
:{{a|106|Azumanga Daiou}}
;Best Fanservice / Ecchi Anime
;Best Sci-Fi / Mecha Anime
:{{a|17|Full Metal Panic!}}
;Best Mystery / Thriller / Horror Anime
:{{a|96|Witch Hunter Robin}}
;Best Quick Watch Anime
:{{a|104|Hoshi no Koe}}
;Best Male Character
:Ayato Kamina ({{a|14|RahXephon}})
;Best Female Character
:Kasuga Ayumu "Osaka" ({{a|106|Azumanga Daiou}})
;Best Villain
:Gauron ({{a|17|Full Metal Panic!}}) [[Category:Award]]


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