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done - utf-8 for mirc - added lots to todo, and expanded my introduction
If you want to talk to me, the easiest way is to log on to [[anidb|#anidb]] on the Chatsociety IRC Network: [irc://] and talk to "hrm" - which is my nickname on that network. If I am not there, I likely will be shortly.
A few handy links if you want to know more about my tastes and stuff like that:
* My mylist:
* My votes:
* My reviews:<br><small>Note about my reviews: currently I've tried to review shows that have few or no reviews previously. Later I will do shows that I love or hate as well.</small>
*#{{a|2745|Starship Operators}} <nowiki>[</nowiki>[ r]]
*#{{a|387|Hana Yori Dango}} <nowiki>[</nowiki>[ r]]
*#{{a|3145|Paradise Kiss}} <nowiki>[</nowiki>[ r]]
*#{{a|166|Appleseed}} <nowiki>[</nowiki>[ r]]
*#{{a|441|A.D. Police}} <nowiki>[</nowiki>[ r]]
*#{{a|408|Z.O.E. 2167 Idolo}} <nowiki>[</nowiki>[ r]]
* [[Send message]] - describe how to send messages.
* [[Votes: My votes]] - describe the myvotes page.
* [[FAQ:Recommendations]] - make this page point to more than just the Anime Hint - there are several more ways of getting recommendations than this, that AniDB supports/condones.
* [[My latest files]] - describe this section if myplace in more detail.
* [[My reviews]] - now that I actually have written a few reviews, I feel more confident about describing this page.
* [[Export ED2K Links]] - this page needs a proper going through.
* [[My messages]] - describe this page.
* [[My notifies]] - describe this page.
* [[My wishlist]] - describe how the different wishlists work, and how the blacklist works.
* [[AniDB:CSS styles|CSS styles]] - update the style I made when it becomes necessary.
* [[Categories]] - just try to find a good way to describe the categories system - fixing the actual categories is too much for me, and there are plenty of other people who are better suited to it than me.
*[[Mylist export]] - this will need updating when new templates gets added or old ones gets changed. Hopefully I will not need to keep track of this myself though.
*[[FAQ]] - as the DB changes questions will change with it, so need to keep track of the [ support forum] for this.
*[[Mainichi Awards]] - when new banners are submitted in the [ forum], add to the wikipage.
*[[Up2date]] - described what up2date is and how to use it.
*[[Shadow Files]] - basic description of what they are and why they're needed for those who aren't familiar with the subject. I thought this would be better than to just tell them to search the forum every time. Hope I didn't miss(understand) anything.
*[[How to get UTF-8 to work with mIRC]] - described what nees to be done and how to do it.


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