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{{Cat-tree-wobbly}}{{TOCright}} =Subcategories===Sexual Activity==Describes how much sex there is in the feature, and in the following sub-categories what type of activity. ===Anal=== ===Bondage=== ===Consensual==={{eyecatch|Note:|Currently listed as "Consentual", but this should be changed}} ===Masturbation=== ===Rape=== ===Scat=== ===Torture=== ==Sexual Orientation== ===Incest===Do you think your Mom's a hot bitch? Or how bout your Sis? We don't wanna know, however, if a character in an anime thinks like that more often than in 1 ep, then you could add a +, if the character does more with his/her family member(s) than wash their back, then it'd probably be best to warn (or tell them the good news) and give it ***. Although we all know that incest in anime is a big lie and they're NEVER blood related... Koi Kaze isn't incest, it's uh... well... ^_^; ===Lolicon===<b>TO DELETE</b!-- should get MO to write this one ^^; --===Straight=== ===Yaoi=== ===Yuri=== ==Things Involved== ===Dildos=== ====Strapon==== ===Hot Wax=== ===Restraints=== ====Butt Plugs==== ====Gag Balls==== ===Tentacles=== ====Mechanical==== ===Vibrators=== ===Whips=== 


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