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:return md4 of hashlist
Note that there are two different ways in practice that implimentations treat the 9728000 byte boundary, given as either the red code or the blue code above, black is common to both. In practice this difference only affects a tiny number of files, however is the one case where two 'valid' ed2k hashes might be produced from one file. See forum topics [ 1] and [ 2] on this issue as well.
<list === List of which clients use which method>*<font color="blue">edonkey2000 v1.4.3</font>*<font color="blue">mldonkey-</font>*<font color="blue">HashCalc Version 2.01</font>*<font color="blue">edonkey-tool-hash-0.4.0</font>*<font color="blue">fsum 2.51</font>*<font color="blue">ed2k_hash 0.4.0</font>*<font color="red">emule 0.46c</font>*<font color="red">AOM</font>*<font color="red">webaom v1.13</font>*<font color="red">ed2k (Stephane D'Alu) 1.4</font>
*<list font color="blue">edonkey2000 v0.5.0 to v1.4.3</font>*<font color="blue">mldonkey ( tested)</font>*<font color="blue">shareaza (1.8 tested)</font>*<font color="blue">HashCalc Version (2.01 tested)</font>*<font color="blue">edonkey-tool-hash (0.4.0 tested)</font>*<font color="blue">fsum (2.51 tested)</font>*<font color="blue">ed2k_hash (0.4.0 tested)</font>*<font color="red">edonkey2000 until v0.5.0</font>*<font color="red">emule (0.46c tested)</font>*<font color="red">AOM ( tested)</font>*<font color="red">webaom (v1.13 tested)</font>*<font color="red">ed2k code by Stephane D'Alu (1.4 tested)</font> === List of affected files, by filesize>=== {| cellpaddingstyle="5font-family: monospace; text-align: right; margin: auto;"! style="font-family: sans-serif; text-align: center;" | File !! style="font-family: sans-serif; text-align: center;" | Size (bytes) !! style="font-family: sans-serif; text-align: center;" | Blue method !! style="font-family: sans-serif; text-align: center;" | Red method
|- style="background-color: #eee;"
|File of zeros || 9728000 || d7def262a127cd79096a108e7a9fc138 || fc21d9af828f92a8df64beac3357425d


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