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* '''Raws''': citation for the origin of '''BOTH''' video and audio track(s).
* '''Video''' and '''Audio''': citation for the origin of video and audio track(s), where doing so would result in a cleaner note than by using '''Raws'''.
* '''Source''': citation for the origin of '''BOTH''' subs '''AND''' raws. However, '''Source''' should also be used for files where only one of those is relevant, i.e. for raw releases where subtitles aren't present, as well as for loose subtitle files.
** Where the release comes from an untouched BD/DVD source, append '''(remux)''' or '''(remuxed)'''.
** Where the release contains reordered tracks, renamed tracks, removed tracks, etc. append '''(repacked)'''.
{{!}} [BSP] {{!}}{{!}} BS Premium {{!}}{{!}} ''no link''
{{!}} [CS-NTV] {{!}}{{!}} Nippon TV Plus {{!}}{{!}} [日テレプラス_ドラマ・アニメ・音楽ライブ JA Wiki]; derived from the name of the company running the satellite channel. Not to be confused with the CS★日テレ channel from the 90s.
{{!}} [CX] {{!}}{{!}} Fuji TV {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]
{{!}} [AnimeLab] {{!}}{{!}} AnimeLab {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]
{{!}} [AniTV] {{!}}{{!}} Ani Tele {{!}}{{!}} [テレビ東京系アニメ JA Wiki]
{{!}} [AoD] {{!}}{{!}} Anime on Demand {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]


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