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Added section on how to deal with crediting the obvious sources in order to reduce unnecessary clutter.
** Exception credit: state the exception to what is the commonly used source. For example: '''Source: R1 DVD, R1 ES DVD (ES subs)'''
* Use "subs" instead of the full form "subtitles" in all descriptions.
====About stating the obvious sources====
* In cases where the source can easily be figured out, it shouldn't be listed at all in order to reduce the clutter. Some examples of this case, but not limited to, are well-known, established English fansub groups such as FFF, Commie, Vivid, GJM, DameDesuYo, etc. which most of the time use JP BDs and/or DVDs for raws, and relatively older dual audio release groups such as CBM, DHD, etc., which use US DVDs and/or BDs for raws. Therefore, their sources shouldn't be credited unless it's deemed necessary to do so.
** If most of certain group's releases are similarly structured and different from default ones mentioned above, default note can be added to the group's description.<br>(Check [ DmonHiro]'s page for example.)
* For groups that specialize in releasing raws only (Ohys-Raws, Leopard-Raws, etc.), only HDTV/www sources should be credited, while DVD/BD ones only if deemed necessary. (If there are multiple BD releases from different providers, if BD/DVD audio was replaced with HDTV/www audio due to low audio quality or corruption, etc.)
* For groups which releases feature a plethora of different sources (Hark0n, deanzel, EUR, etc.), it is encouraged to make as detailed as possible release notes, as long as they follow the most up-to-date standards.
====Common Cases====
Please note that when the citations become this complex, there are no strict standards. However, the general formatting of the simpler notes should be followed to the extent possible.
The objective is always to maintain readability; if the data is complex enough such that a reasonable departure from the general formatting will result in increased readability, then that can be considered.
As mentioned above, in cases of uncertainty, please consult [http CDB-Man] or [http Deth93] for clarification.
<pre style="white-space: pre-wrap;">Subs: [Commie] (HDTV), [Coalgirls] (2012 BD release), [deanzel] (2015 BD release)
> [Hi10] had used different sources for each release batch.</pre>


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