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===Animegroup Release Note Comment Examples===
====General Rules and Definitions====Meanings of prefixesDefinitions:<br>* '''Subs''': citation for the origins origin of the subtitle track<br>(s).* '''Raws''': citation for the origins origin of '''BOTH of the ''' video and audio tracks<br>track(s).* '''Video''' and '''Audio''': citation for the origin of video and audio tracks in separatetrack(s), where doing so would result in a cleaner note than by using raws<br>'''Raws'''.* '''Source''': citation for the origins origin of '''BOTH ''' subs '''AND ''' raws. However, '''Source''' should also be used for files where only one of those is relevant, i.e. for raw releases where subtitles aren't present, as well as for loose subtitle files.** Where the release comes from an untouched BD/DVD source, append '''(remux)''' or '''(remuxed)'''.** Where the release contains reordered tracks, renamed tracks, removed tracks, etc. append '''(repacked)'''. Preferences:* In general, lean on simplicity when writing release notes. Crediting notes with explicit credits vs exception credits are both acceptable. Illustrative examples of both are below:** Explicit credit: state everything that is used in an explicit fashion. For example: '''Source: R1 DVD (video, JP audio, EN audio, EN subs), R1 ES DVD (ES subs)'''** Exception credit: state the exception to what is the commonly used source. For example: '''Source: R1 DVD, R1 ES DVD (ES subs)'''* Use "subs" instead of the full form "subtitles" in all descriptions. ====Do not "state the obvious" when citing sources====# Do not state the source when the source is highly obvious and/or it is easily figured out; this is done to reduce clutter in release notes.<br>The most common arrangement currently prevalent in fansub groups (the "default arrangement") is as follows. Their sources should not be credited unless it's deemed necessary to do so, such as the use of a source atypical for the fansub group.## Established English fansub groups ([FFF], [Commie], [Vivid], [GJM], [DameDesuYo], etc.) almost exclusively use JP BDs and/or DVDs for raws for their non-HDTV, non-www releases.## Some dual audio release groups focus exclusively on dual audio releases with only official content (e.g. [CBM], [DHD], etc.); JP BDs and/or DVDs are used for raws, with US BDs and/or DVDs used for English audio and English subs.# If a given group's releases differ from the default arrangement, but the group consistently releases in a given format for a significant portion of their releases, a default note should be added to the group's description '''instead''' of repeating the same note in each of that group's releases. See [[ DmonHiro]]'s group page for an example.# For groups that specialize in only releasing raws ([Ohys-Raws], [Leopard-Raws], etc.), only HDTV/www sources should be credited.## DVD/BD sources should be credited only if deemed necessary. For example:### Multiple BD releases from different providers; or### Modifications to raws, such as if the group replaced the original BD/DVD audio with HDTV/www audio due to low audio quality or corruption, etc.# For groups that issue releases with an extensive variety of different sources ([Hark0n], [deanzel], [EUR], [Kametsu], [LostYears], etc.), the release note should be as detailed as possible, so long as the note follows the most current standards. ====Standard forms of TV channel and streaming service names to be used in raw source comments====Raw releasing groups might use various differing methods to refer to where they ripped the content from, including the channels' full names, their common abbreviations, their more technical callsigns or even made-up abbreviations. To make notes more uniform and make it easier to compare notes from different groups, these names should be converted to the form shown in the following list. If a tag used by a raw group is missing from here, please contact staff and it will be added. {{CollapseBlock|List of TV channel names|content={{{!}} class="wikitable"! Short name! Preferred form in notes! Info{{!}}-{{!}} [ABC] {{!}}{{!}} ABC {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [ANIMAX] {{!}}{{!}} ANIMAX {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [ATX] {{!}}{{!}} AT-X {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [BS11] {{!}}{{!}} BS11 {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [BS12] {{!}}{{!}} BS12 TwellV {{!}}{{!}} [ Homepage]{{!}}-{{!}} [BS241]<br>[BSSKY] {{!}}{{!}} BS SkyPer! {{!}}{{!}} [ Homepage]{{!}}-{{!}} [BS-ANIMAX] {{!}}{{!}} BS ANIMAX {{!}}{{!}} [アニマックス JA Wiki]; existed until 2018-04-01{{!}}-{{!}} [BS-hi] {{!}}{{!}} BShi {{!}}{{!}} [デジタル衛星ハイビジョン JA Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [BS-TBS] {{!}}{{!}} BS-TBS {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [BS-TX]<br>[BSJ] {{!}}{{!}} BS Tokyo TV {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [BSFUJI] {{!}}{{!}} BS Fuji {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [BSP] {{!}}{{!}} BS Premium {{!}}{{!}} ''no link''{{!}}-{{!}} [CS-NTV] {{!}}{{!}} Nippon TV Plus {{!}}{{!}} [日テレプラス_ドラマ・アニメ・音楽ライブ JA Wiki]; derived from the name of the company running the satellite channel. Not to be confused with the CS★日テレ channel from the 90s.{{!}}-{{!}} [CX] {{!}}{{!}} Fuji TV {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [D-KIDS]<br>[KIDS]<br>[Kids Station] {{!}}{{!}} Kids Station {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [EBS] {{!}}{{!}} EBS {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [EX] {{!}}{{!}} TV Asahi {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [FAGE] {{!}}{{!}} Family Gekijou {{!}}{{!}} [ Homepage]{{!}}-{{!}} [FBS] {{!}}{{!}} FBS {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [GYAO] {{!}}{{!}} GYAO! {{!}}{{!}} [!_Japan#GyaO EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [GYT] {{!}}{{!}} Tochigi TV {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [JIGE] {{!}}{{!}} Jidai Geki Channel {{!}}{{!}} [ Homepage]{{!}}-{{!}} [KBC] {{!}}{{!}} KBC {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [KBS] {{!}}{{!}} KBS {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [KTV] {{!}}{{!}} Kansai TV {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [MBS] {{!}}{{!}} MBS {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [MTV] {{!}}{{!}} MTV (if unknown)<br>Mie TV<br>Miyako TV {{!}}{{!}} [三重テレビ放送 JA Wiki (Mie TV)]<br>[宮古テレビ JA Wiki (Miyako TV)]{{!}}-{{!}} [MX] {{!}}{{!}} Tokyo MX {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [NGN] {{!}}{{!}} Nippon Golden Network {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [NHK] {{!}}{{!}} NHK {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [NHKE] {{!}}{{!}} NHK E-Tele {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [NHKG] {{!}}{{!}} NHK G {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [NST] {{!}}{{!}} NST {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [NTV] {{!}}{{!}} Nippon TV {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [SUN] {{!}}{{!}} SUN-TV {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [TBS] {{!}}{{!}} TBS {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [THK] {{!}}{{!}} Tokai TV {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [Toei] {{!}}{{!}} Toei Channel {{!}}{{!}} [東映チャンネル JA Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [TVA] {{!}}{{!}} TV Aichi {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [TVh] {{!}}{{!}} TV Hokkaido {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [TVO] {{!}}{{!}} TV Osaka {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [TVQ] {{!}}{{!}} TV Kyushu {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [TVS] {{!}}{{!}} TV Saitama {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [TX] {{!}}{{!}} TV Tokyo {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [WOWOW] {{!}}{{!}} WOWOW {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [YTV] {{!}}{{!}} YTV {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}}  Additionally, with no currently known abbreviations: * HikariTV ([ひかりTV EN Wiki])}}{{CollapseBlock|List of streaming service names|content={{{!}} class="wikitable"! Short name! Preferred form in notes! Info{{!}}-{{!}} [AbemaTV] {{!}}{{!}} AbemaTV {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [AMZN] {{!}}{{!}} Amazon {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [AnimeLab] {{!}}{{!}} AnimeLab {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [AniTV] {{!}}{{!}} Ani Tele {{!}}{{!}} [テレビ東京系アニメ JA Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [AoD] {{!}}{{!}} Anime on Demand {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [bilibili] {{!}}{{!}} bilibili {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [CR] {{!}}{{!}} Crunchyroll {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [Daisuki] {{!}}{{!}} Daisuki {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [dアニメストア] {{!}}{{!}} Docomo Anime Store {{!}}{{!}} [ドコモ・アニメストア JA Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [FOD] {{!}}{{!}} FOD {{!}}{{!}} [フジテレビオンデマンド JA Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [FUNI-DL] {{!}}{{!}} Funimation {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [GYAO!] {{!}}{{!}} GYAO! {{!}}{{!}} [!_Japan#GyaO EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [HIDIVE] {{!}}{{!}} HIDIVE {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [Hulu] {{!}}{{!}} Hulu {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [KKTV] {{!}}{{!}} KKTV {{!}}{{!}} [ Homepage]{{!}}-{{!}} [MANGAS] {{!}}{{!}} MANGAS {{!}}{{!}} [ Homepage]{{!}}-{{!}} [MGTV] {{!}}{{!}} Mango TV {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [NF]<br>[NETFLIX] {{!}}{{!}} Netflix {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [niconico]<br>[NicoNico] {{!}}{{!}} niconico {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [Toei] {{!}}{{!}} Toei Video {{!}}{{!}} [東映ビデオ JA Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [U-NEXT] {{!}}{{!}} U-NEXT {{!}}{{!}} [ JA Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [Viewster] {{!}}{{!}} Viewster {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [VRV] {{!}}{{!}} VRV {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [Wakanim] {{!}}{{!}} Wakanim {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}-{{!}} [YT] {{!}}{{!}} YouTube {{!}}{{!}} [ EN Wiki]{{!}}} Additionally, with no currently known abbreviations: * Kazé ([é EN Wiki])* The Anime Network ([ EN Wiki])}}
====Common Cases====
=====-- Case 7=====
<pre style="white-space: pre-wrap;">Subs: Crunchyroll (heavily edited, restyled, typesettingtypeset)
> Note that "Crunchyroll" is spelled with a lowercase R; "CrunchyRoll" is incorrect.
> Similar to "R1", Crunchyroll isn't a "group" in the classic sense, so no square brackets as well.</pre>
=====-- Case 8=====
<pre style="white-space: pre-wrap;">Subs: US DVD (edited, retimed). Raws: [Zero-Raws]
=====-- Case 15=====
<pre style="white-space: pre-wrap;">
Subs: [Group] (with honourificshonorifics)> [Group]'s subs did not originally have honourificshonorifics, but they were later added to the track by the re-releasing group.> NOTE: adding a mention of honourifics honorifics is not mandatory, and this note can be discarded if warranted on a case-by-case basis.</pre> =====-- Case 16=====<pre style="white-space: pre-wrap;">Source: R1 DVD (except for ES subs). Tagged as [Fansubber].> The group used a tag different from their standard one.> The group sourced the release from the R1 DVD, except for the ES subs which were sourced from an unknown source and/or were self-translated.
The following are common with [Hi10] and [Minitheatre].
<pre style="white-space: pre-wrap;">Source: [UTW]
> The file is strictly a reencode re-encode of the original [UTW] file.</pre>
<pre style="white-space: pre-wrap;">Source: [UTW] (ep 1-6), [FFF] (ep 7-12)
> The file is a reencode re-encode of both [UTW] files and [FFF] files.</pre>
<pre style="white-space: pre-wrap;">Source: [FFF] (BD), [HorribleSubs] (www)
> Group released both www and BD rips, using different groups' releases as source for each.</pre>
Please note that when the citations become this complex, there are no strict standards. However, the general formatting of the simpler notes should be followed to the extent possible.
The objective is always to maintain readability; if the data is complex enough such that a reasonable departure from the general formatting will result in increased readability, then that can be considered.
As mentioned above, in cases of uncertainty, please consult [http CDB-Man] or [http Deth93] for clarification.
<pre style="white-space: pre-wrap;">Subs: [Commie] (HDTV), [Coalgirls] (2012 BD release), [deanzel] (2015 BD release)
> [Hi10] had used different sources for each release batch.</pre>


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