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===Can you move my MyList to another account?===
As required by GDRP article 17 we will remove your account if you so desire. Please send us an email from the associated email address of the account to and state that you want your account removed. Please note that if there are multiple accounts associated with that email we will remove all of them unless you specify. Please note that the process is not instant and we have upto 30 days to comply to your request. Furthermore note that we will not remove data anidb does not consider personal and is used to enrich anidb. That is reviews, recommendations, similar anime suggestions, votes and forum posts. Especially when it comes to forum posts this is a tricky act and we ask you to manually look over your posts and remove any personal data from them, but please leave the remainign ones. Discussions become otherwise impossible if they are gutted. The username associated with all of these is pseudonymized which is an alternative to outright deletion and is a valid way to comply with your request under GDRP statutes. We will gladly arbite by your request, but please understand that anidb needs to operate and needs to retain some non personal data for that. If you have questions about the procedure please join us on irc and state your issueNo.
===Can I change my username?===

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