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|description=A Java library, not a real client. I hope that it will improve the development of AniDB clients because the developers don't have to implement the interface to AniDB over and over again. It is continued from grizzlyxp's [[#Java_AniDB_API|Java AniDB API]]. Published in own Maven-Repository. (See maven documentation how to add a repository, link to repository can be found on website under 'Distribution Management'.)
|functions=All UDP API and HTTP API functions.
=== anidbcli ===
{{Infobox udp client|id=anidbcli
|date=Fri Feb 2, 2018
|language=[[Wikipedia:Python programming language|Python 3.6]]
|description=Anidb client for command line interface. Available via pip. Supports encryption, ed2k link generating for use on website. Can also utilize anidb UDP API to add files to mylist and/or move/rename them to directories based on file properties. Simple usage, removes filename unfiendly characters from tags.

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