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→‎Uncommon and Complex Cases: Added myself (Deth93) as well under contacts in case anyone needs clarification about certain notes.
Please note that when the citations become this complex, there are no strict standards. However, the general formatting of the simpler notes should be followed to the extent possible.
The objective is always to maintain readability; if the data is complex enough such that a reasonable departure from the general formatting will result in increased readability, then that can be considered.
As mentioned above, in cases of uncertainty, please consult [ CDB-Man] or [ Deth93] for clarification.
<pre style="white-space: pre-wrap;">Subs: [Commie] (HDTV), [Coalgirls] (2012 BD release), [deanzel] (2015 BD release)
> [Hi10] had used different sources for each release batch.</pre>


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