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=== Japanese Media Manager Shoko ==={{Infobox udp client|id=ommservershoko|date=Tue Nov 22Jan 07, 2006 62018 10:13 06 am|developer=jonbabyShoko Team
|name=Japanese Media ManagerShoko|target=Windows, Linux
|language=[[Wikipedia:C Sharp|C#]]/[[Wikipedia:.NET Framework|.NET]]
|functions=FILE, MYLIST, HTTP, (most others)
|description=Manager for An anime cataloging and management program designed to automate the cataloging of your anime collection on desktop with plugins available for Plex, Kodi and as a plugin for MediaPortalMediaportal.|contact=werndlymob@gmailhttps://discord.comgg/vpeHDsg|url=http}}com
=== kada ===

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