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* [Fix] Fonts with underscores in their names can now be set as default fonts
* [Fix] Variable <code>$animestat_a''n''_g''n''_group_gshortname</code> now works correctly
* [Fix] <code>$animestat_an_ganimestat_a''n''_g''n''_group_*</code> variables now work even if the group's release has no ratings
* [Fix] Finished anime variables didn't include movies finished by watching files of partial episodes ({{t|962}}; fixed on AniDB side)
* [Misc] Lots of code cleanup behind the scenes
* [Misc] Most labels in forms are now correctly connected to their respective input tags
* [Misc] Renamed some variables for consistency; old names will still work for now
** <code>$stat_mylist_lastanime</code> -> <code>$stat_mylist_last_aname</code>** <code>$stat_mylist_lastanime_date</code> -> <code>$stat_mylist_last_date</code>** <code>$latestanime_idn_namelatestanime_id''n''_name</code> -> <code>$latestanime_idn_anamelatestanime_id''n''_aname</code>


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