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*'''[ テレビアニメ放映リスト scrape]''' - roughly a list of 358 older anime titles with credits varying from the 4 primary episode credits to a full listing
* '''[888http アニメスタッフリスト データベース]''' - a small selection of anime with staff and cast credits.
* '''''' - this is a funny one, but quite useful and then again not. It provides screenshots of the entire outro credit listing of an episode and the range of anime is quite varied, from really old ones to ongoing anime and since they're screencaps from the actual video, there are no mistakes. Of course, we can't copy from screenshots, can we, so that's why they're useless to most of us, save for the people who can actually write Japanese characters from the video without actually having that video. There are also some entries with text instead of screenshots, but those only give the most important episode specific credits - 脚本 (Screenplay), 演出 (Episode Direction), 絵コンテ (Storyboard) and 作画監督 (Animation Direction), which can most of the time be acquired from the Japanese wiki as well.

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