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When to mention anime prequels...
{{eyecatchLight|1|Link usage|If '''Cast''' (tab) information is available for the anime, be sure to add the appropriate links to the "Description" section using the '''ch'''aracter ID.}}
{{eyecatchLight|1|Highlighting|Again, please use '''''italics''''' (<tt>[i]...[/i]</tt> tags) to highlight '''names''' in the "Description" section that do '''not''' have link information available!}}
{{eyecatchLight|1|Avoid breaking<br>the 4th Wall|Please try to avoid "Breaking the 4th Wall" when writing the description of the anime, i.e. avoid adding info that cannot be know by the characters *in* the anime world. Typical phrases like "the main character is", "the story centres on", or "the series continues the adventures of <anime name>" are usually redundant anyway. Of course the story "centres on", otherwise that part of the description would be irrelevant. Such phrases irritate the reader, who is trying to follow the character setup and plot of the anime.<br>Info about e.g. series continuation should only be placed either in the '''based onnote''' or section if the viewer '''noteneeds''' sections insteadto know of the previous anime to understand the current one.}}
==== Crediting the source of the description ====


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