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Highlighting of names ... update.
:** Convention: Only put unlinked names into italics the '''first time'''. This is to avoid needless excessive highlighting of these names all over the description.
:** Rarely, italics may also be used to highlight certain words that require '''emphasis'''.
:** Avoid putting '''links''' into italics. The link itself is already highlighted so "double-highlighting" is pretty much redundant.:** Avoid highlighting '''some of the names''' e.g. console names (in "Based on"), or shop names (in "Note:"). (Highlighting of special e.g. cinema locations for first time viewings under "Note:" is still under debate, so far they are highlighted.)
:* Use of '''bold''' — independent story titles, very special paragraphs:
:** '''Bold''' text should be used very very sparingly, i.e. when in doubt do not use it.


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