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** Character age is not displayed immediately after setting the age of a character. (Missing cache invalidation on character edit?)
** The character rating for the char-manga relation isn't displayed
* On the manga page the chapters are all padded with 0s to 3 digits, on the volume page however this is not the case
* Adding cast directly to a chapter through the "Add cast" button
** The pre-filled element restriction is written with a space "ch 20", while everywhere else its "ch20"; parsing "ch 20" still works though; same for "vol 1"
* On the element page (either volume or chapter) the rating counter stays at 0 even though i rated it: "Rating N/A (0) (weighted) , your vote: 10.00 revoke"
* The orange "vote" icon stays orange and doesn't turn green after rating a chapter (on both the manga and the volume page); it works fine for volumes
* On the volume page there is a "add cast" button. Upon using it the range is set to "vol 1" but trying to actually add a character yields error "you can't assign this to a volume. only chapter and special are allowed"
** Either remove the button or make it so that instead of "vol1" the range automagically becomes "ch1-ch9" (the chapters listed under the selected volume) either directly or when pressing "add"
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