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This page is the most important page for people that want to add whole collections.<br>
The page lists at first the collection's name, though it's not always being used as a whole!
{{Eyecatch|1|Hint 7|Anison likes to list "Collection Name/InterpretPerformer" - like in this case "Asterisk / Orange Range", of course only the first part is needed when adding collections to AniDB.}}
What follows is a one-line-table. The reddish fields are the contents, the yellow ones the information. In our example it's like this:
As an extra Anison links to the website's specific collection entry. Here you can find for example a better picture for the upload and the complete tracklist (in 99% of the cases).<br>
For our case it shows you that there's indeed a 4th track, that's not listed on Anison: <br>
4. *~アスタリスク~(ロマンティックVer.) --> Asterisk (Romantic Version). So never trust Anison that it lists all songs and better check other (valid!!) sources, as we of course want only complete collections added.
====People/Band/Performer Pages====


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