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{{eyecatch|12|Note|In case someone finds a '''better''' description, any previous description may well be replaced.}} ==== About highlighting text ====As the following sections will show highlighting of words/text in the description of an anime should be done very very sparingly. Several important pointers:  :* Use of '''''italics''''' in special sections and unlinked names::** As the section [[#Description layout|Description layout]] points out the '''source''' and '''note''' paragraphs are all in '''''italics'''''.:** Generally, if '''names of characters''', '''organisations''' or '''creators''' are *not* mentioned in the tabs '''Cast''' and '''Staff''', i.e. they cannot be linked, then they should be put in italics. Reasons: For one it helps the reader distinguish story description from actual names, plus it is a reminder to link the names once the CharDB features those names.:** Convention: Only put unlinked names into italics the '''first time'''. This is to avoid needless excessive highlighting of these names all over the description.:** Rarely, italics may also be used to highlight certain words that require emphasis.:* Use of '''bold''' — independent story titles::** '''Bold''' text should be used very very sparingly, i.e. when in doubt do not use it. :** One case where the use of bold words has proven to be useful are '''"compilation" anime''' series that are made up of named, completely separate stories, e.g. by different directors. In this case each story title is set in bold, and the rest of the separate paragraph describes the individual story briefly. {{eyecatchLight|2|Example|A real-world example for the described layout above can be found for the anime: {{a|6757|Shakugan no Shana S}}.}} <!-- There is a better example out there that foo2 edited, still looking for that -->:* Use of '''<u>underline</u>''' — never!::** Please completely '''avoid using <u>underline</u>''' in any part of the description. This text style is not required, and IMO ([[User:foo2|foo2]]) is ugly.
==== Description layout ====


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