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v2.16 42 - 08.01.2019 *available as auto update* * Avdump2 Build 7080 added  v2.41 - 05.01.2019 *available as auto update* * show error message about too long paths * fallback to cp437 in case shell encoding fails which i guess should work?  v2.40 - 03.01.2019 *available as auto update* * Avdump2 Build 7070 added * show errors in filelist if we encounter one while processing a file instead of endless retrying  v2.33 - 09.11.2016 *available as auto update* * new icon * progressbar and status not updating  v2.32 - 09.11.2016 *available as auto update* * options not being stored on initial start  v2.31 - 09.11.2016 *available as auto update* * fixed drag and drop  v2.30 - 03.11.2016 *available as auto update* * ported from python 2.7 to 3.4 * path/filename encoding woes fixed(?) * export option removed and made implicit to be always enabled  v2.20 - 18.08.2015 *available as auto update* * Avdump2 Build 6714 added * dependencies updated  v2.19 - 11.11.2012 *available as msi installer & auto update* * Avdump2 Build 6525 added * recompiled with updated dependencies which may or may not fix some issues or cause new ones  v2.18 - 31.07.2012 *available as auto update* * Avdump2 Build 5290 added  v2.17 - 21.09.2011 *available as auto update*
* filename encoding issue fixed
* Avdump2 Build 4964 added
v2.11 - 01.07.2011 *available as msi installer*
* trying to scan files without having provided a username/password -> BOOM (trying to kill the subprocess without it running)
* removing already scanned files form the list and readding them will process them again even if "done" is set
==Sourcecode==[[Category:Features]]This GUI was coded purely in python using pyqt for the framework.The sourcecode can be found in the [http[Category:// svnClients]]. 

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