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Additional Note - What to put into the "note" section!
==== Additional Note ====
At times there is information pertaining to an anime that does not fit the "based on" (origin) or "description" (story) sections. This content should be placed in the "note" section. Always place such a note in '''''italics''''' to separate it from the main description text.
'''Example from {{a|6465|Ookami to Kohaku-iro no Yuuutsu}}:'''
[i]Note: The Spice & Wolf novel, [/i]Ookami to Kin no Mugiho[i] was
released on April 30 in a package that included this episode.[/i]
{{eyecatchLight|1|Note|Other information to place here e.g. special versions of the anime available, release dates (only if pertinent), etc.}}
==Optional Info==


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