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What are the things First thing we should need to be able aware of what data we would like to actually store/provide?how the real world looks like.
==Content forms we care about==* (Light) Novels* Manga* Doujin ==Releaseforms==Content comes in various forms made up of different elements===chapter only releases=======used where?====* official online distribution ====content elements====* chapters ===volume only releases=======used where?====* some novels* doujins  ====content elements====* volumes which consist of basically 1 "chapter"* "chapter"; basically 1 per book* omake (depending on wanted granularity)* illustrations (depending on wanted granularity)* other 1 page content (index etc.) (depending on wanted granularity) ===mixed content=======used where?====* everything else ====content elements====* volumes which encapsule the content into datasets* chapters* omake (depending on wanted granularity)* illustrations (depending on wanted granularity)* other 1 page content (index etc. list all entities ) (depending on wanted granularity) ==Editions==To make things worse the same content is released in multiple editions. Multiple editions usually share the same content (usually chapters) but might add different bonus content (illustrations, omake etc.). Repackaging and their attributes here rereleasing are further reasons. Hence an edition may or may not reuse existing content. It's potentially wanted to "transfer" as much data as possible with this. (where content = credits, release dates) While i say transfer what really is wanted is not duplication, but adressing the same content from multiple angles to lessen maintenance. ==Credits==* Author (作者)* Publisher/Printing (出版社)* ... Additional ones may contain assistance, editing, colouring, illustration. Most credits apply on volume level and for regular manga are given in a short summary towards the end of the book. Though certain types of releases may contain content which doesn't fit that rule.Especially illustrations/guest work should receive credits on chapter level.Same goes for magazine releases ==Character==* Chapter appearance Nothing more to store here.
=Situation and Problems=

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