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There are three columns: ジャンル (Genre), 作品名 (Sakuhin'na - Production Name) and 放映年 (Houei Nen - Broadcasting Year). <br>
The '''Genre''' column gives you for example:
* テレビアニメーション (Television Animation)- TV anime* オリジナルビデオアニメーション (Original Video Animation) - OVA* 劇場用アニメーション (Theater Animation)- Movie
* ゲーム (Game)
* ラジオ (Radio)
-- Now just click on the correct link and you will be sent to Anison's Anime Page --
=====Results for 曲=====
This time we insert the song's name "*~アスタリスク~" in the search field and get a table with this time five columns:


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