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====People/Band/Performer Pages====
[[Image:Anison performer page (orange range).png]]<br>This page is important for "virtual Bands" such as [ Momotsuki Gakuen 1 Nen C Gumi] or [ Zetsubou Shoujo-tachi] that consists of characters. It will show you who's part of the group and who's behind it.<be>For normal bands it shows you at first the members in the 固有情報 (Specific Information) Box with their function in the band. The contents of the table are:* 担当 ("in charge of: / responsible for:")* 曲名 (name of the piece of music)* ジャンル (Genre)* 作品名 (name of the work it appears in)* OP/ED That means - for the first row: Orange Range were the Performers (担当) of Asterisk (曲名) for the TV (ジャンル) (Anime) Bleach (作品名), which has been used as Opening 1 (OP/ED). So this page can take you either to the song's or the Anime's page.


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