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===New system===
The "new" system, which is used by avdumpAvdump, is not part of any API and not documented anywhere. (The server side part is however related the UDP API server). Instead of checking against AniDB data and issue creqs directly when necessary, avdump Avdump just sends the information (per file) to the server without any regard. It is entirely up to the server to decide what to do with the raw data that is received. This new approach was implemented to shift the control from the clients to the server.
The different parts of the system is; avdumpAvdump, AVMF server, AVMF service, auto-granter and the {{AniDBLink|avmf|avmf page}}.
# Decrypt, decompress the package. If it should fail the package will just be disregarded.
# Validate the dump (XML validation).
#: Invalid dumps will only be stored for avdump Avdump debugging purposes.
# Map the dump to a AniDB file and store the dump in database.
#: If no file is found, the dump is marked unknown. It will be mapped to a file when/if the file is added (by the site code). The AVMF Service does also do some maintenance in this regard.
A page that lists all dumps, with tons of filters. The main use of this page is to (some are mod only):
* check if a file has been dumped.
* who dumped it? when? how many has confirmed it? version of avdumpAvdump?
* check why a file has not been verified
* unlock a file
| used || A file is considered ''verified'' if it has one ''used'' dump. There can only be one dump with this state for each file at once. In the process of changing the state of a dump to ''used'', automatic change requests will be generated if needed.
| deprecated || The dump was in use at some point, but has been automatically replaced by an other. Dumps of newer versions (produced by newer versions of avdumpAvdump) will automatically replace dumps of older versions ''unless it requires new creqs''. Dumps with this state might be purged regularly at some point, but that is not enabled ATM.
| candidate || The dump is not used because the related file is already verified by another dump of an older version of avdumpAvdump. The service will never issue creqs for files that has already been verified. A moderator can however delete the ''used'' dump (or smite it) and then ''reset'' the candidate if needed.
| unseen || The dump is not used because the related file is already verified by another dump of the same version of avdumpAvdump. It basically means that two copies of the same avdump Avdump version has generated two different dumps (usually encoding issues due locale). It is the ''most seen'' dump that was supposed to be used in cases like these, however, ''first come, first served'' is currently implemented.
| stalled || The dump is stalled due a pending change request of the related file. Stalled dumps will be reset to ''new'' automatically after some time.
| reset || A moderator wants the dump to be re-handled by the AVMF service, usually because he/she wants to unlock the related file temporarily. Lifecycle: new -> used -> reset -> new -> used. It would be better to improve/change the interface (regarding locks) instead of using this state.
| smitten || The dump is considered invalid by a moderator. This state can be used by developers to pick up and handle issues with avdumpAvdump. It is better to use [[avdump Avdump issues]] to keep track of these dumps, though.
| forgotten || When a avdump Avdump issue has been resolved the related ''smitten'' dumps should be deleted. Dumps related to issues that's never resolved should be marked ''forgotten''. (It is in other words just a second state of ''smitten''). This state is not really used.
| deleted || Not a state. Moderators are allowed to delete dumps completely if needed. Usually only done when cleaning up after old avdump Avdump versions.


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