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This category isn't restricted to ecchi and hentai shows. In most cases, '''bishounen''' goes together with shounen ai and is mainly targeted at girls. Bishounen anime's cast consist primarily of good looking males with different personalities, think of it as the opposite to a harem anime, just with guys instead of girls and scratch down the ecchi elements. Bishounen anime usually have more serious themes and can have quite a lot of action in them. It should be pretty clear as to what certifies as a bishounen anime, so don't go adding it to every anime that has a handsome youth or two in them.
:''Examples: {{a|4326|Gakuen Heaven}}, {{a|2580|Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de: Hachiyoushou}}, {{a|750|Yami no Matsuei}}''
The female bust size matters! Or does it? The three subcategories spell out the sizes that relate to fetishes, be they gigantic, large or small. Normal sized breasts are not considered a fetish. The category is used for ecchi and hentai shows.
{{eyecatchLight|1|Note|The '''Breasts''' category is just a placeholder for the categories below; you can't add it to anime.}}
==Female Teachers==
Any kind of '''female teacher''' will do, even if she only does home visits. Female teachers imply mature women (even if they sometimes look like schoolgirls) dressed in what women would typically wear when doing official business (like a blouse, pinstripe dress with side front slit), but of course, not limited to that. Furthermore, school nurses also count as female teachers unless they're actually wearing a nurse outfit, which they almost never do.
:''Examples: {{a|1211|Daraku: Onna Kyoushi Hakai}}, {{a|1983|Onna Kyoushi}}, {{a|2693|Panchira Teacher}}''
Exclusive to hentai only. '''Futanari''' (a compound word meaning "two form" in Japanese) depicts hermaphrodites, intersex or other individuals with female body-types and sexual organs resembling penises, whether or not those organs are in fact enlarged clitorises, or they possess both male and female reproductive organs. Technically, the term also encompasses male characters with both sets of sexual organs, but these are usually excluded. To those who're not that good with technical terms, futanari = chicks with dicks.
:''Examples: {{a|1688|In no Houteishiki}}, {{a|687|Angel Blade}}, {{a|972|Parade Parade}}''
This category isn't restricted to ecchi and hentai shows. What we mean by '''juujin''', are characters that are otherwise human, but have some animal characteristics, like animal ears and/or a tail. The most well known type is a cat girl, but there are also cat boys, dog girls/boys, fox girls/boys etc. This category '''should not be confused with furry fandom''' or with anthropomorphic character types in general, as those are animals with human characteristics.
:''Examples: {{a|2815|Loveless}}, {{a|5406|Ookami to Koushinryou}}, {{a|417|Hyper Police}}''
This category isn't restricted to ecchi and hentai shows. A '''catgirl''' is a female with cat ears, a cat tail, or other feline characteristics on an otherwise human-shaped body. Catgirls may also wear over-sized mittens and shoes that look like paws. Sometimes characters do not actually feature cat-like ears or such an accessory but their hair sticks out and resembles cat ears; such characters do not fit the definition of catgirls. A female wearing cat ears or tail accessories also satisfies the condition of being a catgirl.
:''Examples: {{a|2478|Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase}}, {{a|307|Little Monica Monogatari}}, {{a|417|Hyper Police}}''
Exclusive to hentai only. Obviously only applies to females. A '''virgin''' is someone who yet hasn't had any sex (has not been penetrated, to be exact), but that's not enough for this category to be added. Add this category if a female loses her virginity and you'll know this either because she admits of being a virgin or admits of losing her virginity and/or there's blood coming out of her vagina.
:''Examples: {{a|1711|Choubatsu Yobikou}}, {{a|1347|Shintaisou (Kari) The Animation: Yousei-tachi no Rondo}}, {{a|174|Ai Shimai: Futari no Kajitsu}}''


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